Edward Marsh Shinkle – Brigadier General, United States Army

Courtesy of the United States Military Academy:


Edward Marsh Shinkle was born on 9 January 1878, on a farm in Brown County, Ohio. He studied a year at Wesleyan University before entering the United States Military Academy in 1897.

Lieutenant Shinkle reported for duty at the Presidio of San Francisco, California, after graduation and, although an Artillery officer, was given command of an Infantry company. Shinkle and his men then sailed for the island of Maraneduque, Philippines. Following a year in the islands, he returned to the Presidio for five years. During the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, he provided aid to the city.

Early in 1906, Lieutenant Shinkle took the Ordnance Examination, and after the earthquake he was detailed to the Ordnance Department for four years with a promotion in grade. He spent his branch detail at Sandy Hook Proving Ground, Benicia Arsenal, California, and Frankford Arsenal in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

After four years, he reverted to the Artillery and commanded a company at Fort H.G. Wright for one year. He then was permanently transferred to the Ordnance Department. He spent the next three years at Watertown Arsenal and the following year at Frankford Arsenal.

When World War I was declared in 1918, he was called to Washington, where he was placed in charge of the design of small arms ammunition. He served in that position until he was sent to France to be on Brigadier General John Rice’s staff. In France, he was placed in charge of all Ordnance materiel.

After the war, he attended the War College and later served three years on the General Staff. Following a year at the Presidio as Staff Ordnance Officer, he served as Ordnance Officer for the Hawaiian Department for three years and commanded the Hawaiian Ordnance Depot. After a short stay in Washington, he commanded Aberdeen Proving Ground for five years.

Shinkle then moved back to Washington as Assistant to the Chief of Ordnance. He retired from Picatinny Arsenal and was on terminal leave when war was declared in 1941. He immediately returned to duty and remained on active duty for six months. His efforts landed him a job as general manager of the civilian operated Iowa Ordnance Plant—a position he held until the termination of the war.

Edward was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for World War I and during World War II, was awarded the Legion of Merit.

Brigadier General Shinkle died on 8 November 1966 and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.


  • DATE OF BIRTH: 01/09/1878
  • DATE OF DEATH: 11/08/1966

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