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Edgar O'Connor
Colonel, United States Army
Wisconsin State Flag
His private memorial in Section 1 of Arlington National Cemetery reads:

Colonel, 2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
Quartermaster, 7th United States Infantry
Killed In Action At Grovetown, Virginia, August 28, 1862, aged 29 years

Erected By Survivors Of The Regiment
The Iron Brigade

The battle of Gainesville, Virginia, August 28, 1862.  It was in this battle that Col. Edgar O'Connor, a Regular Army Lieutenant from Beloit, who had been promoted to Colonel of the Second, was killed. All but two of the field officers of the brigade were wounded.
Graduate of the United States Military Academy, Class of 1854

Egdar O'Connor PHOTO
Courtesy of the Wisconsin State Archives
A variant of this photo hangs in the Grand Army of the Republic Hall, Wisconsin State Capitol, Madison. It is dated July 18, 1862, camp opposite Fredericksburg, Virginia, and the officers are identified as follows; Left to right: Q. M. J. D. Ruggles, Dr. A. J. Ward, Major J. S. Allen (standing), Lt. Col. Lucius Fairchild, Adjutant C. K. Dean, Col. Edgar O'Connor.

Edgar O'Connor PHOTO
Group including foreground (L to R): Mrs. Hathaway, Capt. Hathaway (standing), Lucius Fairchild, Mary Howe, Col. Edgar O'Connor, Maj. Allen

Edgar O'Connor Gravesite PHOTO
Photo (c) Michael Robert Patterson, September 1999

Edgar O'Connor Gravesite PHOTO
Photo By M. R. Patterson, October 2002

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Edgar O'Connor Gravesite PHOTO June 2003
Photo By M. R. Patterson, 28 June 2003