Edwin Proctor Andrus – Colonel, United States Army

Courtesy of Michael Stein:

Colonel Edwin Proctor Andrus
Born in New York November 17, 1851
Died 1930
Gratuated, U. S. Military Academy 1870-75
Graduated as No. 2569, Class of 1875

Second Lieutenant June 16, 1875
First Lieutenant March 29, 1883
Captain February 11, 1893
Major July 15, 1902
Lieutenant Colonel March 13, 1909
Colonel March 3, 1911

Served with 5th Cavalry Regiment 1875-02
In-Charge of Recruiting Office, St. Paul & Fargo 1899
On Special duty at Ponce, Porto Rico 1899
On duty connected with Elections at Coama, Porto Rico 1899-00
Commander, Districts of Adjuntas & Utuade, Porto Rico 1900
Regimental Adjutant, 5th Cavalry Regiment 1900-01
Adjutant General, 6th District, Philippine Islands 1901
Served with Headquarters, 3rd Cavalry Regiment 1901-02
Commanding Officer, Fort Apache, Arizona 1902-03
Served with Troops G & H, 3rd Cavalry Regiment, Fort Apache 1903-04
Commanding Officer, 3rd Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment, Fort Assinniboine, Montana 1904
Summary Court Officer, Fort Assinniboine, Montana 1904
Commanding Officer, 1st Provisional Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment 1904-05
Acting Commanding Officer, 3rd Cavalry Regiment & Commander, Fort Assinniboine, Montana 1904 & 1905
Commanding Officer, Troops G & H, 3rd Cavalry Regiment, Fort Snelling 1905
Commanding Officer, 2nd Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment 1905
On Recruiting duty in New York City 1905-07
Instructor of Military Science & Tactics, Shattock School, Minnesota 1907-09
Provost Marshal General, Fort Riley 1908-09
Commanding Officer, Recruit Depot, Fort Slocum 1909
Commanding Officer, Recruit Depot. Fort Logan 1909-12
Commanding Officer, 11th Cavalry Regiment (September 28 – December 31,) 1912
Retired as Colonel December 31st, 1912
Recalled on active duty as Recruiting Officer at Syracuse (New York), 1913-17
Organized and Commanded, War Prison Barracks Number Two, Fort Oglesthorpe, Georgia 1917
Commanding Officer, Recruiting Depot, Fort Thomas (KY) 1917-19
Relegated to the inactive list of retired officers July 11, 1919

Edwin Proctor Andrus of New York
Appointed from New York, Cadet, United States Military Academy,  1 July 1870 (20) Scond Lieitenant of Cavalry, 16 June 1875
First Lieutenant, 29 March 1883
Captain, 11 February 1893
Major, 3rd United States Cavalry, 15 July 1902

Edwin Proctor Andrus,  Colonel, United States Army. 1851-1930.  Father of Clift Andrus.  Buried in Section 7 of Arlington National Cemetery, near his son.


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