Eugene Paul Moser – Major, United States Army

Information provided by his son, Lieutenant Colonel Eugene P. Moser, Jr., United States Army (Retired)

Major Moser was born on January 5, 1913 and graduated from Cornell University in 1934.

He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, Field Artillery, United States Army, via the Reserve Officers Training Program (ROTC) at Cornell.  He initially worked in hotel administration and later as an accountant for a major oil company.

He was called to active duty in World War II in February 1942.  During the war, he served with the 376th Parachute Field Artillery, the 504th Regimental Combat Team, the 82nd Ariborne Division in campaigns in Sicily, Naples and Anzio, Italy, in Holland and in the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium.  During this time he also served as an Aide to the 82nd Airborne Division Artillery Commanding General. He was rated as a Senior Paratrooper and took part in two combat jumps.

During the Korean War, as a Captain, he served as an H-13 Helicopter Pilot, mostly as a helicopter ambulance pilot evacuating wounded from the field of battle.

He married Sally Fish Dawkins on October 14, 1942.  His first wife died in 1964 and he married a second time to Phyllis Ferran in 1965.

Following his death he was buried with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetery.

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