Edward Supe – Colonel, United States Air Force

Submitted by his loving daughter, Jan Austin

My father, Colonel Edward Supe, passed away on August 13, 1998, and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery on August 24, 1998. He was 74 years old.

He flew B-17's during World War II, and his plane was shot down over Germany. He was in a prison camp until liberated by General Patton. He then spent the next 22 years in the Air Force, first in the OSI in Munich, Germany, and then in 1961, he became one of the first launch control officers for the Titan II missile program at Vandenberg Air Froce Base, California, until his etirement.

I was extremely lucky and proud to have had him for a father. He was a good and loving person, a wonderful Grandfather (my sons loved him dearly and will miss him terribly, as he was not only their Grandfather but their friend), and he had just recently seen his GreatGrandDaughter, Ashley, for the first time. He almost made his 53rd Wedding Anniversay with my mother, Betty Supe, which was today, August 28, 1998. We will miss him always.

As we were going through some of his things this week, I found pages and pages of his life story and experiences in the military in which he had written down. Stories from his early life in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, through World War II and prison camp, to the OSI. I remember these stories well over the years! Stories which make you laugh and stories that will make you cry. I will cherish them always.

I miss you Dad! – Jan

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