Everett Wayne Dominey – Technical Sergeant, United States Air Force

Everett Wayne Dominey
Birth: 1960-01-29 in Victoria, Texas
Death: Thursday, September 04, 2008
Laid to Rest: Tuesday, September 23, 2008 in the Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia


On January 29, 1960, Everett W. Dominey's life blessed our world, in Victoria, Texas. Growing up with his parents, Everett and Bonnie Dominey, and his older brother, Michael Dominey, he grew a love for fishing and camping from the many family trips, and was also a member of the Baptist church.

Then when he started junior high, his love expanded to athletics, primarily track and cross country running. His high school years at Victoria High School only proved his love for the sport had grown. He was known for running miles every day, winning several races, and even participating in many March of Dimes walks. Also in high school, he was introduced to the world of beekeeping via the Agricultural Program. By his senior year, Everett W. Dominey wanted to originally go to Texas A&M, but after careful consideration he decided to join the Air Force in 1978.

In the Air Force, he respectfully served 20 years, and it proved to be an amazing experience for him. After his basic training, he was stationed at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida, and then he found himself traveling between the United States and Asia. The following is his travel schedule after Patrick Air Force Base:

1. Okinowa, Japan for 18 months
2. Albequerque, New Mexico in 1982
3. Philippines in '83, and he stayed there for 4 years.
4. Washington, D.C. at Andrews Air Force Base

It was in the Philippines that he met his wife, Florentina Henzon Malig (now Dominey), and subsequently married her in 1985. Shortly after, they had their only child, Tina M. Dominey in 1986. Once at Andrews Air Force Base, he continued to serve until his retirement in 1998.

While in the military he received numerous awards, participated in the evacuation of Marcos (The president in the Philippines), and was a part of the Jolly Green Association. His retirement proved very relaxing for him. He actively enjoyed selling items on Ebay, doing a lot with the stock market, trying to resume his love for beekeeping, and overall enjoying life.

His recent death occurred September 4, 2008. He was preceded in death by his grandparents, Ola & J.W. Goldsberry, and Rebecca & W.T. Dominey, and several aunts and uncles. He also left behind his loving parents, Everett and Bonnie Dominey, brother, Michael Dominey, his nephews, Travis and Michael Dominey, several aunts, an uncle, as well as his loving wife, Florentina Dominey, and daughter, Tina Dominey.


  • DATE OF BIRTH: 01/29/1960
  • DATE OF DEATH: 09/04/2008


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