Edwin William Piburn – Brigadier General, United States Army

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Piburn, Edwin William Piburn, was born on 9 July 1895 and died on 28 September 1958 in St. Petersburg, Florida. He was buried on 3 Ocotber 1958, with full military honors in Section 30, Grave 510-1, Arlington National Cemetery.

He served in World War II.  Research concerning his career continues.

Courtesy of Michael T. Stein:

Brigadier General Edwin William Piburn (1895-1958)
Born in Kingsley, Kansas

 Commissioned in the Infantry 1917 (ORC)
Second Lieutenant 1917
Brigadier General (AUS) 1942
Colonel 1947

Served with 18th Infantry Regiment (France) 1919-20
Served with 8th Infantry Regiment (Germany) 1921-22
Instructor, The Tank School 1924-25
Instructor, The Infantry School 1926-27
Served with 14th Infantry Regiment (Panama Canal Zone) 1936-39
Professor of Military Science & Tactics, South Dakta State College 1939-40
Observer with British Forces in the Middle East 1941-42
Commander, Combat Command “B”, 14th Armored Division 1942-44
Commander, Combat Command “A”, 10th Armored Division 1944-45
Severely wounded in Germany April 1945
Hospitalized 1945-47.
Retired 1952
Silver Star – Legion of Merit (2) – Bronze Star (2) – Purple Heart



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