Elam Windom Wright, Jr. – Colonel, United States Army

Courtesy of Sheila Marie Wright Gordon

Grandview, Texas – Colonel Elam Windom Wright, Jr., United States Army (Ret) was called home by our Lord to share in God's paradise on December 30, 2002.

Elam was born on October 20, 1920 to Elam Windom Wright, Sr. and Myrtle Oakes Wright in Erick, Oklahoma, and lived a life filled with richness and bravery.

Colonel Wright was retired from the United States Army where he served and defended our country for 35 years. A highly decorated officer, his many honors included the nation's second highest military medal, the Distinguished Service Cross. He is a life member of the elite Legion of Valor, the heroic Military Order of the Purple Heart, the Retired Officers Association, the Disabled American Veterans and the legendary Masonic Lodge.

Colonel Wright was a hero in World War II and in Vietnam where he was four times wounded in front-line combat at the infantry rifle platoon, and at the company level for which duty he volunteered at the of 16.

On January 27, 2003 he will rest in peace with honor and grace as a ‘soldier’s soldier’ at the Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, a home where ‘old soldiers never die’. A second memorial will reside next to his loving parents and daughter, Lillian Elisabeth, in the Grandview Cemetery.

Elam will be remembered not only for being a highly accomplished ‘military leader’ but also as a loving and guiding ‘spiritual leader’ to his family where he is known as “Papa.”

Survivors: His legacy will live on through his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren as he is survived in love by his sons Elam Windom Wright III, William Bradford Rosson Wright, daughters Sheila Marie Gordon, Sonja Gunda Rogers, Kerstin Anne Marie Cochran, Anneliese Rosemarie Schwenn, Heidi Louise Partain, Lisa-Adelle Wright and Cheryl Rosson Wright; 11 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

Papa's poetic words conveyed his spiritual belief that it is through his children God grants him the answer to life's puzzle, “Where did we come from, Master And why has fate condemned us to strive and toil here below?”… He believed that our children, “whether grafted or by seed, through them we may be immortalized, let that be our simply creed …Waste not your time on occult riddles; Such is but to play the fool. Fill mind and heart with love of God; live daily by the Golden Rule. Strive for that which uplifts you, Enriches and ennobles all Mankind's. The value of your life is measured by what you leave behind.”

The most precious gifts Papa left behind are his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of whom he guided to embrace the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is with God's word that he found grace, amazing grace, glory and salvation. We love you dearest Papa. “The day is done. From the hills, From the sky, all is well.”  May you safely rest in peace today and always in the kingdom of heaven that is yours to behold and glorify His name.


  • VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 04/08/1936 – 06/30/1971
  • DATE OF BIRTH: 10/20/1920
  • DATE OF DEATH: 12/30/2002
  • DATE OF INTERMENT: 01/27/2003

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