Francis Amory Pope – Colonel, United States Army

Courtesy of the United States Military Academy:


Born in Iowa in 1875, Francis Amory Pope was thought of as a Kansas farmer although he was a direct descendant of 53 Pilgrims who were on the Mayflower. He also was a direct descendant of Robert Cushman, who arranged the voyage of the Mayflower from England to the New World, and Captain Miles Standish.

Following his graduation from the United States Military Academy in 1901, Pope was assigned to the Field Artillery at Fort Riley, Kansas, until 1902. He then transferred to the Engineer Corps as a Second Lieutenant in 1902, went to Jefferson Barracks, and then on to the Philippines. He was an instructor at the Academy in Civil and Military Engineering during 1906-08 and then was in command of the Engineer Depot for Alaska.

While in the Philippines, he did field work in connection with raising the Battleship U.S.S. Maine in the Havana Harbor. During 1914–17 Pope was stationed in Portland, Maine, doing river and harbor work. His next assignment was as Commanding Officer of the 301st Engineers of the 76th Division at Camp Devens,

During World War I, Colonel Pope was the Chief Engineer of the 90th Division, American Expeditionary Force, and commander of the 315th Engineers of that division. He and his regiment participated in the San Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne Offensives. He was awarded the Spanish War Service Medal and the Victory medal with three battle clasps.

Colonel Pope was assigned to the Militia Bureau during 1928–32 and was responsible for the construction of National Guard camps and the training conducted there. He visited camps in nearly every state and compiled data for the project. His final active duty assignment was in Detroit, Michigan.

He retired in 1934 due to a physical disability contracted in the line of duty. His retirement was spent traveling and conducting genealogical research. He died in 1953 in Washington, D.C., at the age of 77 and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.


  • DATE OF BIRTH: 05/07/1876
  • DATE OF DEATH: 06/03/1971

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