Frank Caspar Fechteler – Lieutenant, United States Navy

Frank Casper Fechteler, the son of Augustus Francis Fechteler, was born 8 July 1897 in San Rafael, California, and was a member of the Naval Academy class of 1918, ordered to duty in 1917. He served in USS Paducah through World War I, and after the war was trained as an aviator. His last duty was in USS Langley (CV-1).

While preparing to compete in the Pulitzer Trophy Race of 1922, Lieutenant Fechteler was killed in an airplane crash near Detroit 18 September 1922.

The rest of his family are all buried in Section 2 of Arlington National Cemetery, and he is buried in Section 1. He was born on July 8, 1897 and died on September 1, 1922. His private memorial in Section 1 reads: “Killed in aeroplane accident.”

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