Fanny DeRussy Herr – Military Daughter

Fanny DeRussy Herr, 89, a member of St. Patrick's Episcopal Church in Washington and a former member of the Daughters of the U.S. Army, died at Georgetown University Hospital on January 5, 1995 of complications after hip-replacement surgery.

Miss Herr had been a resident of Washington since about 1940. She was born in Batangas, the Phillipines, where her father was serving in the Army. She grew up at various military posts in the United States.

During World War II, she worked in the decoding room of the Adjutant General's Department in the War Department, a forerunner of the Department of the Army.

She was a former member of St. Margaret's Epsicopal Church in Washington.

She leaves no immediate survivors.

Waiver Granted: March 3, 1995, adult daughter of Army Major General John Knowles Herr, in same grave site as parents.




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