Frederick Winant – Captain, United States Army

Frederick Winant of Virginia. Born 2 August 1892 and died 21 February 1967.  Captain Winant served in World War I and received the Distinguished Service Cross and the Silver Star for his service.  He is buried in Section 1 of Arlington National Cemetery.

Information regarding his life and career continues.

Courtesy of Michael Stein:

Captain Frederick Winant
Born in New Jersey August 2, 1892
Private Squadron A, New York Cavalry June-December 1916
2nd Lieutenant (ORC) August 15, 1917
Captain (ORC) August 17, 1918
Hon. discharged December 8, 1919
2nd Lieutenant October 26, 1917
1st Lieutenant (Temporary) November 19, 1917
1st Lieutenant June 12, 1919
Ret. December 15, 1919
Promoted Captain (Ret.) June 21, 1930




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