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George Lippitt Andrews
Brigadier General, United States Army
Rhode Island State Flag
Born at Providence, Rhode Island, April 22, 1828. Educated in the grammar schools, Providence, Rhode Island. Married: Alice Beverly Potter. Married a second time: Emily Kemble (Oliver) Brown, May 13, 1874.

The father of George A. Andrews.  He was in business life beginning in June 1841 at Providence, and afterward in New York and St Louis, Missouri, 1858. 

He entered the Rhode Island Militia, 1844 and was promoted to Major in 1848, and to Colonel in 1853. He resigned in 1856. He later served as Second Lieutenant, 2nd Company, Missouri National Guard, 1859, advancing through the grades to Colonel, 25th United States Infantry, January 1, 1871. He was retired for age on April 22, 1892, and was advanced to the rank of Brigadier General on the retired list by act of Congress on April 23, 1904.

He was Superintendent of Indian Affairs for Arizona,  July 1869 to 1871. 

He served at the beginning of the Civil War through the campaigns under General Nathan Lyon, 1861. He was wounded, and his horse killed under him at the battle of Wilson's Creek, Missouri, August 10, 1861, while commanding the Brigade and Regiment. He was with the Army of the Potomac, and engaged in its operations, 1862-63. He organized and recruited the 17th and 13th United States Infantry, 1863-66. 

He served in the Indian country west of the Mississippi for 25 years. He was breveted Lieutenant Colonel, August 30, 1862, for "gallant and meritorious services at 2nd Bull Run," and breveted Colonel, May 3, 1863, for the same at Chancellorsville. He was a Republican and an Episcopalian.

In retirement he made his home in Washington, DC, and died there July 19, 1920. He is buried in Section 2 of Arlington National Cemetery. 

Buried with him are his first wife, Alice Beverly Potter Andrews (October 23, 1826-April 29, 1878) and his second wife, Emily Kemble Oliver Brown Andrews (March 25, 1835-January 19, 1920).

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GL Andrews PHOTO

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Photo By Michael Robert Patterson, 1999

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