Genealogical Excellence Award


It is a great honor to present this months genealogical award of excellence to the Arlington National cemetery site run by Michael Patterson, who as it turns out acquired his passion for his current project by being the son of a career Army officer. Being a veteran myself, It is a distinct honor for me to see the men and women who gave their lives to make this country free immortalized in this manner. Michael has built one of the best biographies projects to be found anywhere on the internet and plainly cares for his project as evidenced by the militarily proper plainness of the site. It is very tactfully and tastefully constructed.

The Arlington National Cemetery site is utilitarianly laid out, giving easy and quick access  to the hundreds of biographies and burial records located there. The biographies located at the site, which form the nexus of his project, include those of several of the men who died with General Custer at the Little Big Horn, Astronauts, and Medal of Honor winners. There  are also sections for Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines buried in Arlington comprising many dozens of biographies.

Having a little something for everyone who visits the web site, photography is abundant around the site, with pictures of gravestones and memorials found with the biographies and a special section called “Grave Sites” and another images section where you can find pictures of the buildings burial processions and overviews of the stones. Information regarding directions and things to see are also located at the site for anyone interested in visiting the historic monument to our war heroes.

Please help us congratulate Michael on a job well done. He can be reached at

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