Gene K. Posey, – Lieutenant Colonel United States Army

Information Provided By His Grandson, Chris Howe

Lieutenant Colonel Gene K. Posey, 84, died on March 12, 1999 in San Rafael, California.

Colonel Posey was born on February, 17 1915 in Dunkerton Iowa.  He served in the United States Army for over 33 years and was a combat veteran of World War II, serving throughout Central Europe.  He first enlisted in 1932 and served until 1938.  He reentered the Army in 1942, during World War II, and served from that time until his retirmenet from active duty in June 1968. During the war he received the Purple Heart from wounds sustaned from the explosion of a grenade at the battle of Metz.

Following the war, he remained on active duty throughout the Korean and Vietnam wars, but did not serve in an active role in either of them.


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