Gold Star Mom

The banner was small
But the star was large,
The color of a blue, night sky.
She hung it in the window
With trembling fingers
And tried hard not to cry.
He was so young to go far away
As all soldiers have to do.
She knew that danger
Lurked everywhere,
As she touched the star of blue.
The weeks went by
The months rolled on
She knew he would not die.
Her faith in God held her head up high.
In her heart she sang a song.
But the battles raged.
The news was not good
Why did so many have to die?
The thought made her cold
And she felt terribly old
As the day came that she faced
With dread.
When a knock on the door
Shattered her life evermore,
And the blue star turned to gold.

–Esther B. (Campbell) Gates

Written in memory of her son, Specialist Keith Allen Campbell

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