George Ritter Burnett – First Lieutenant, United States Army

George Ritter Burnett of Pennsylvania

Appointed from Pennsylvania, Cadet, United States Military Adademy, 14 June 1876 (50)
Second Lieutenant, 9th U. S. Cavalry, 9 June 1880
First Lieutenant, 6 June 1885
Awarded the Medal of Honor 23 July 1897 for most distinguished gallantry in action at Cuchillo Negro, New Mexico, August 16, 1881, in saving the life of a dismounted soldier who was in imminent danger of being cut off by galloping quickly to the assistance of the man under a heavy fire and escorting him to a place of safety while serving as Second Lieutenant, 9th U. S. Cavalry.
Retired 20 February 1891.  Died at Lincoln, Nebraska on 1 November 1908.

Born at Lower Providence Township, Pennsylvania, on April 21, 1858, he earned the Medal of Honor during the Indian Wars while serving as Second Lieutenant, 9th United States Cavalry at Cuchillo Negro Mountains, New Mexico, August 16, 1881. The Medal was actually issued on July 23, 1897.

He died on November 1, 1908 and was buried in Section 3 of Arlington National Cemetery.


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