George W. Hall – Confederate States of America Army

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I have some information on one of the Civil War soldiers buried at Arlington Cemetery: G. W. Hall, 60th Georgia Infantry.

This is George W. Hall, born August 11, 1832 in Chattooga County, Georgia, who, along with his four brothers, enlisted in the 60th Georgia Infantry as a Private on December 17, 1861.

While on patrol, he and another soldier shot turkeys, which was against the rules. General Gordon forced them to carry heavy logs on their shoulders around the camp. His father, James E Hall attempted to intervene but Gordon would not relent. George was wounded at the Second Battle of Manassas on August 28, 1862. He deserted to the enemy at the Rapidan River on 1 February 1864. He was captured there February 3, 1864. He died of variola kalo rama (?) in the U.S. Army General Hospital on March 21, 1864. (This conflicts with the date of death on your website. I am not sure which information is correct.) George was never heard from by his family after his desertion and his family did not know of his death or that he was buried in Arlington.

When General Gordon ran for Governor of Georgia, he came around to ask George's father for his vote. Mr. Hall refused, and told him why (the turkey incident.)

Of the other four brothers, two were killed, one was permanently disabled, and one returned unharmed.

I hope this information is helpful to you. It is correct to my knowledge. I would be happy to have it included on your Arlington Cemetery website.

Sincerely, Lynn Turner


  •  60 GA CIVIL WAR
  •  DATE OF DEATH: 09/19/1867

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