Henry Clay Taylor – Rear Admiral, United States Navy

Henry Clay Taylor was born in Washington, D.C. on 4 March 1845, the son of Frank and Virginia Neville Simms Taylor.  He received an appointment from Ohio to the United States Naval Academy on 20 September 1860.  He served throughout the Civil War on various blockading duties. He married Mary Virginia McGuire in 1869 and they had six children.  He was the brother-in-law to Robley D. Evans, Rear Admiral, United States Navy.  He died at Ontario, Canada, on 26 July 1904 and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Born in 1845 he died in 1904 and was buried among other family members in Section 1 of Arlington National Cemetery. Research about him continues.  He apparently graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1864.

He commanded the USS Indiana during the Spanish-American War, being involved with the bombardment of San Juan, Puerto Rico in May 1898.  In June 1898 he commanded the convoy that transported the Army from Tampa, Florida, to Santiago, Cuba and participated in the destruction of the Spanish Fleet at Santiago on 3 July 1898.  He was subsequently advanced five numbers in rank for conspicuous conduct in battle.  He twice served as Chief of Staff for Admiral George Dewey.  He was best known as a naval philosopher and administrative reformer, overseeing the creation of the Navy's General Board in order to advise the Secretary of the Navy, and contributed much on naval tactics and other related subjects.

His wife, Mary Virginia Taylor (1847-1914), is buried with him.


No Military Ceremonies – Navy Department to Close

WASHINGTON, July 27, 1904 – In respect for the memory of the late Rear Admiral Taylor, Chief of the Bureau of Navigation, who died Wednesday at Ludbury, Ontario, Canada, the Navy Department will be closed at noon tomorrow.  Secretary Morton did not learn of the news in time to reach here from Chicago.  Mr. Darling will attend the funeral as Acting Secretary.

The President was notified early today of the Admiral’s death, as were Admiral Dewey and other friends of Admiral Taylor.  Both Admiral Dewey and Admiral Evans are expected to attend the funeral.

At the request of Mrs. Taylor, communicated to the department by telegraph today, there will be no military ceremonies on the occasion of the Admiral’s funeral.  The remains will be conveyed to Arlington Cemetery, where the funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon.

NOTE: His great-grandson, James Franklin Caldwell, Sr, Captain, United States Navy, USNA Class of 1958, is also buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

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