Harold DennyCampbell – Major General, United States Marine Corps

Russell C. Jacobs: June 2007

Harold Denny Campbell (1895-1955)

Born on March 30, 1895 in Middlesex, Vermont.

B.S. from Norwich University in 1917.  Commissioned in 1917. Served in France 1917-1919. Designated a Naval Aviator in 1921. Duty in Haiti ans Santo Domingo in 1923. Recipient of the Schiff Award in 1926 for the world's record number of air hours without an accident. Graduated from Air Corps Tactical School in 1929. Duty in Guam in 1930. Air Officer for Fleet Marine Force 1935-1939.

Advisor to Lord Mountbatten in the China-Burma-India Theater of Operations 1942-1943. Brigadier General in April 1943. Commanding General of 4th and 2nd Marine Air Wings 1943-1944 then Marine Corps Air Bases and 9th Marine Air Wing 1944-1945.

Major General upon retirement in November 1946.  Decorations included the Legion of Merit and Purple Heart.

Died on December 29, 1955.

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