Health Issues

A health problem is an unpleasant thing. Whether a simple cold, allergies or mental and physical illnesses. It can affect each of us, some more, others less. With this introduction we would like to welcome you to our subcategory “Health problems”. If you are affected by a health problem, you should first of all stay calm. Feel free to browse through our category. You will surely find an article that can help you with your problem. However, our articles do not replace a medical examination, which means that you should always consult a doctor.

What are health problems?

Health limitations are the impairment of everyday activities due to long-lasting physical and/or mental health problems.

What are mental health problems?

Basically, a mental disorder is any condition that shows significant deviations from the experience or behavior of mentally (emotionally) healthy people and can affect how people think, feel, and act. Mental disorders express themselves through a variety of symptoms.

What are physical problems?

Common complaints without a clear cause are: Pain, especially headache, abdominal pain, back pain and muscle pain, stomach and intestinal problems such as nausea, vomiting, flatulence, diarrhea and constipation. Circulatory problems such as lightheadedness, rapid heartbeat and feelings of anxiety.

Tips to avoid health problems

A weak lymphatic system, an unhealthy lifestyle or too much stress – if you are regularly ill and take every cold with you, you should definitely see a doctor to rule out other illnesses and factors. To keep bacteria and viruses at bay, you should in any case:

  1. wash your hands thoroughly with soap several times a day.
  2. sneeze into the crook of your arm instead of your hands.
  3. remove snuffy handkerchiefs directly.
  4. avoid contact with door handles, bus bars, etc.
  5. ventilate regularly, since the heating air

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