How Much Does Detox Cost?

Drug detox is the first step in a comprehensive addiction treatment program for dependence upon alcohol or any addictive substance. Unfortunately, though it is an unavoidable, necessary step in overcoming addiction, many people postpone entering detox due to a perceived inability to pay the bill. What does detox cost? And is it worth the financial investment?


No two drug detox situations will cost the same amount. Even at the same facility, two patients may incur different bills based upon the services that their specific situation requires. Costs will vary according to a number of factors, including:

The detox option that offers the most value is not necessarily the one that is the most inexpensive – or the one that offers the widest range of services. The best value can be found in a detox program that provides what you specifically need in recovery at a price that is fair and not inflated to cover the cost of services you don’t need.

Health Insurance Coverage

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, almost every health insurance policy in the country should offer some form of assistance when it comes to paying the cost of detox services. Clearly a medical issue that is evidenced by withdrawal symptoms, the first question is whether or not the services must be provided by an inpatient detox program or can be safely undertaken on an outpatient basis.

The second question is medication. Though emergency medical care should be covered, at least in part, the same is not necessarily true of certain medications used for detox, especially if the drugs prescribed are not approved by the FDA for that purpose and/or are very expensive. It can take some negotiation on your part, but if a certain medication will be helpful, it’s worth the fight.

Additionally, if you opt for a drug rehab program that includes detox, it can further complicate matters in terms of health insurance coverage. Many policies won’t cover the cost of inpatient care up front without “demonstrable medical need,” which can be confusing to demonstrate to the company’s often elusive standard and may stall the beginning of recovery if the initial detox and follow-up addiction treatment program are combined into one.

Detox More than Pays for Itself

Rather than ask how much detox will cost, perhaps the better question is, “How much will detox save?” Study after study has shown that the cash investment in drug addiction treatment very quickly pays for itself. How? The person who goes through drug detox and addiction treatment and ultimately stabilizes in sobriety will:

  • No longer be spending copious amounts of money on drugs
  • Work and maintain an income
  • Be better able to balance a personal household budget and stay out of debt
  • Be better able to pay off debt incurred during active addiction
  • Have lower bills pertaining to drug use (e.g., health costs, legal fees, etc.)

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