Herman Feldman – Major General, United States Army

Courtesy of the United States Army

Major General Herman Feldman

33rd Quartermaster General
March 1949-September 1951


Herman Feldman was born in New York City, September 10, 1889. He joined the as a  Private in 1907, and worked up through the ranks to Second Lieutenant by 1917.  He served as an Artillery Corporal, Sergeant and Supply Sergeant. As a Lieutenant he served in various Field Artillery units from 1918 to 1930 in the Philippines, Germany and posts throughout the U.S.

From 1930 to 1931, he attended the Quartermaster Corps Subsistence School in Chicago, Illinois. He then was ordered to Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, as assistant to the Quartermaster.

In August, 1935, General Feldman was assigned as a student to the Quartermaster Corps School at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Upon graduation in June 1936, He was detailed to Camp Perry, Ohio, where he became Quartermaster, National Matches in 1936, 37 and 38. In September 1936, he was assigned duty in the Supply Division, Office of  The Quartermaster General.

In September 1939, he was assigned to the Army Industrial College and concurrently was designated as Assistant Director, Statistics Branch, Office of the Assistant Secretary of War.

After graduation from the Army Industrial College in 1940, Feldman was assigned in the Statistics Branch, Office of the Under Secretary of War, and the following December was assigned to the Clothing and Equipage Branch, Office of the Quartermaster General. In July, 1941, he was named chief of the Storage and Distribution Section. In December, 1941, he became chief of the Supplies Section, Supply Branch, Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff, G-4, and was detailed to the General Staff Corps.

General Feldman served from March to June 1942, at Headquarters, Army Service Forces in the Procurement and Distribution Division. He then became Assistant Chief of Staff, G-4, Services of Supply, Headquarters, European Theater of Operations.  He subsequently served as Assistant Chief of Staff, G-4, Services of Supply, Headquarters, Mediterranean Base Section, North African Theater of Operations, and in June 1943, became Commanding Officer, Center District, Headquarters, North African Theater of Operations.

In August 1943, General Feldman was assigned to the Executive Officer, Office of The Quartermaster General. He was named Deputy Quartermaster General for Supply and Planning in November 1943. He was assigned in October 1944, as Executive Assistant to the Assistant Chief of Staff for Logistics on the Staff of the Commander-in-Chief of the Pacific Ocean Area, Admiral Chester W. Nimitz.  At the end of the war General Feldman was awarded the Legion of Merit for outstanding services in England and North Africa. A second Legion of Merit was awarded by Admiral Nimitz for outstanding service in the Pacific. He also earned the Distinguished Service Medal and Army Commendation Medal for his service in World War II.

On November 1, 1945, General Feldman was assigned as Director, Storage and Distribution Division, Office of the Quartermaster General. He was appointed Assistant to the Quartermaster General on February 1, 1946, then became Chief of the Supply Division, on May 3, 1946.

On March 1, 1949, General Feldman was nominated by President Truman as Quartermaster General and assumed the duties of the Office in March 21, 1949.  He retired in 1951 after a distinguished 43 year Army career.

Major General Feldman died on September 27, 1969 and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Section 2 Site E-539.


  • MG USA
  • DATE OF BIRTH: 09/10/1889
  • DATE OF DEATH: 09/27/1969


  • DATE OF BIRTH: 09/03/1896
  • DATE OF DEATH: 03/22/1964


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