Andrew Hero, Jr. – Major General, United States Army, Andrew Hero III – Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army

Andrew Hero, Jr.

Major General
United States Army
Born December 1868 in New Orleans, Louisiana
Died on 7 February 1942 in Washington, D.C.
Buried 10 February 1942
Arlington National Cemetery Section 3 Grave 4173-D

The site known as Camp Hero, or the Montauk Air Force Station was originally commissioned by the U.S. Army in 1942. The site was chosen because of the fear of a New York invasion that might be staged from the sea. It was a coastal defense station that was disguised as a fishing village.

Camp Hero was named after Major General Andrew Hero Jr., who was the Army's  Commander of coastal artillery. He died in 1942.

Major General Andrew Hero, Jr., Chief of Coast Artillery, 20 March 1926-21 March 1930.  His father, Andrew Hero, served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, serving from 1861 to 1865 with the Washington Artillery.  He was present at the Battle of Gettysburg. He also ran for Lieutenant Governor in Louisiana after the Civil War. (2nd Sergeant in May 1861; promoted to 1st Sergeant in November 1861, and then to 2nd Lieutenant in May 1862.   He became a 1st Lieutenant in August 1862, and Captain in February 1864.  He was wounded at Sharpsburg in September 1862, and at Petersburg in April 1865).

Courtesy of Michael T. Stein:

Major General Andrew Hero, Jr.
Born in New Orleans (La) December 13, 1868
Died February 2, 1942

Second Lieutenant 1891
First Lieutenant 1898
Captain 1901
Major 1908
Colonel 1917
Brigadier General (NA) 1917
Major General 1926

Served with 12th Infantry Regiment 1891
Served with 4th Artillery 1891-98
Served with 5th Artillery 1898-01
Aide-de-Camp to Brigadier General Joseph P. Sanger (Commander District of Mantanzas, Philippines) 1899
Instructor (Drawing), US. Military Academy 1899-02
Editor, Journal US. Artillery 1902-07
Member, Artillery Board 1902-06
Stationed at Ft. Monroe 1907
Commanding Officer, 85th Company, Coast Artillery Corps 1907-09
Commander, Ft. Flager (Washington) 1909
Assistant to Chief of Coast Artillery 1909-11
Brigade Adjutant, 1st Separate Brigade (Texas) 1911
Adjutant, South Atlantic Coast Artillery District 1913-15
Commanding General, 154th Field Artillery Brigade 1917-18 & 1919
Served with General Headquarters, AEF 1918-19
Commander, 39th Coast Artillery Brigade 1919-21
Staff Officer, 2d Coast Artillery District 1921-22
Commander, Coast Defenses, Manila (Philippines) 1923-25
Commanding General, 4th Coast Artillery District 1925
Chief of Coast Artillery 1926-30.
Retired May 20, 1930

Courtesy of Michael T. Stein:

Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Hero III

Born January 16, 1910 in Washington D.C.
Died at Walter Reed Army General Hospital, November 16, 1943

Cadet, US. Military Academy 1928-32
Graduated as No. 9327 Class of 1932
Second Lieutenant June 10, 1932
First Lieutenant August 1, 1935
Captain (AUS) September 9, 1940
Major (AUS) February 1, 1942
Captain June 10, 1942
Lieutenant Colonel (AUS) October 22, 1942

Served with 16th Field Artillery 1932-35
Aide at The White House 1934-35
Language Student, Paris (France) 1935-36
Instructor (Modern Languages) US. Military Academy 1936-38
Instructor (Economics, Government & History) US. Military Academy 1938-39
Student Officer, Field Artillery School 1939-40
Battery Officer, 17th Field Artillery 1940-41
Served with Headquarters, 13th Field Artillery Brigade 1941-42
Served with Latin-American Section, Operations Division, War Department General Staff 1942
Served with General Staff, 7th US Army 1942-43

Andrew Hero, III

Lieutenant Colonel
United States Army
January 16, 1910 – November 11 – 1943.
Section 3, Grave 4221-D

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