Henry Harley “Hap”Arnold – General of the Air Force

An early United States Army aviator who directed the Army Air Forces throughout World War II.

He was promoted to five-star rank of General of the Army by President Roosevelt in 1944, joining Douglas MacArthur, George C. Marshall, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Omar Nelson Bradley at that rank.

He retired to his home in Sonoma, California, in March 1946, but was honored in 1949 by the rank of General of the Air Force, the first (and only) officer to attain five-star rank in both the United States Army and the United States Air Force.

He died at his Sonoma ranch on January 15,1950 and his funeral services were held at the Memorial Amphitheater (one of only nine in the history of that building) prior to his burial in Section 34 of Arlington National Cemetery.

His sons, William Bruce Arnold, Colonel, United States Air Force (1915-1992), and David Lee Arnold, Colonel, United States Air Force, are also buried in Section 34.









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