Herman Osman Stickney – Rear Admiral, United States Navy

Born at Pepperell, Massachusetts, December 10, 1867, he graduated from the United States Naval Academy, 1888. He was Assistant Engineer, U.S. Navy, July 1, 1890; transferred to the line and promoted through the grades to Rear Admiral, December 22, 1919. He retired from the Navy on December 21, 1921.


He was awarded the Medal of Honor while serving as a Commander for “Distinguished conduct in battle engagements of Vera Cruz, Mexico, April 22, 1914. He covered the landing of the 21st with the guns of the USS Prairie, and throughout the attack and occupation rendered important assistance to our forces on shore with his 3-inch battery.”

He served aboard the USS Iowa in the Spanish-American War, 1898; the USS Princeton, Philippine Insurrection, 1899-1901; Navy Yard, Norfolk, Virginia, 1901; Navigator, USS Texas, 1902-05; at the Naval Academy, 1905-06; duty at the Navy Yard, Norfolk, 1906-06; Executive Officer, USS South Dakota, 1908-10; Inspector in Charge, Light House District, Philadelphia, 1910-12; commander, USS Massachusetts, 1912; at the Naval Academy, 1912-13; commander, USS Prairie, 1913-14; Administrator of Custom, Vera Cruz, Mexico, 1914; at the Naval War College, 1914; commander, USS Vermont, 1915-18; Board of Inspections and Survey, Washington, D.C., 1918; Senior Member, Pacific Coast Board 0f Inspections, San Francisco, 1919; commander, Pacific Coast, Pacific Fleet, July 1921; U.S. Commissioner to the Sesquicentennial Exposition, Philadelphia, 1926-27; in charge of federal participation in that exposition. Attorney at law, he was admitted to the Bar in Virginia, June 27, 1923.

He made his home in Washington, D.C. and died there on September 13, 1936. He was buried in Section 3 of Arlington National Cemetery. His wife, Jennie Griffin Milhado Stickney (June 26, 1869 – September 21, 1948), is buried with him.


Rank and organization: Commander, U.S. Navy. Born: 10 December 1867, Pepperell, Massachusetts. Accredited to: Massachusetts. GO. No.: 177, 4 December 1915. Other Navy award: Navy Cross.


For distinguished conduct in battle, engagements of Vera Cruz, 21 and 22 April 1914. Comdr. Stickney covered the landing of the 21st with the guns of the Prairie, and throughout the attack and occupation, rendered important assistance to our forces on shore with his 3-inch battery.



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