Henry Pratt Perrine – Captain, United States Army

Henry Pratt Perrine of New Jersey
Appointed from New Jersey, Cadet,United States Military Academy, 1 July 1865 (31)
Second Lieutenant, 6th U. S.Infantry, 15 June 1869
First Lieutenant, 20 June 1872
Captain, 15 January 1884
Retired 1 July 1891

Henry Pratt Perrine was born in Trenton (Mercer County), New Jersey on April 10, 1846 to Lewis C. and Anna Eliza (Pratt) Perrine.

He was admitted to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New Jersey on July 1, 1865 and graduated June 15, 1869, at which time he was appointed to frontier duty as Second Lieutenant in the 6th U. S. Cavalry Regiment.

In 1871 and 1872, Perrine was posted at Fort Riley, Kansas, and in 1873 was transferred to Fort Lyon in Colorado Territory.

Perrine was promoted to First Lieutenant on June 20, 1872, and to Captain on January 15, 1884. He retired from the Army on July 1, 1891, and died January 23, 1927 in New Jersey.

His son, Henry Pratt Perrine, Jr., Brigadier General, United States Army, is buried in the same site at Arlington National Cemetery.

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