Harold Whittle Blakeley – Major General, United States Army

Biography And Gravesite Photo Courtesy of Russell C. Jacobs: June 2007

Harold Whittle Blakeley (1893-1966)

Born in Malden, Massachusetts on December 29, 1893. Attended Boston University 1915-1917. Commissioned in the Field Artillery in 1917. Graduated from Command and General Staff School in 1936. Instructor at the Field Artillery School 1936-1938. Graduated from the Army War College in 1939. Instructor at the Command and General Staff School 1939-1940. Commander of 6th Field Artillery 1940-1941.

Commander of 5th Armored Division Artillery 1941-1942. Brigadier General in June 1942. Commanding General of Combat Command “A”, 5th Armored Division 1942-1943. Commanding General of 4th Infantry Division Artillery, then 4th Infantry Division 1944-1946. Major General in March 1945. Retired in April 1946.

Decorations included the Silver Star, Legion of Merit and Bronze Star.

Died on May 10, 1966.


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