I Am The Unknown

I am the one who keeps mothers awake at night,
the one whom she lives in dread,
for whom her tears are sadly shed,
the one for whom her tears never dry,
I am the memory who will never die.

I am the one who lives to die forever,
the one whose name given in life,
will become unknown due to wartime strife,
the one who harbors the weight,
of all who have suffered and died,
doomed to an unknown fate.

I am the one whose guarded and protected,
by day and by night,
the one with millions of visitors worldwide,
most not alive when I died,
come to visit and grieve,
I am the one they remember in hushed monotones,
afraid I might hear that I am unknown,
the one who will never go home,
the one whose bones will never be known.

I am the one a nation mourns,
every day I lay here I become better known
every war we fight adds several more,
of all who have died,
I am the one all America knows.

I am the Unknown Soldier,
I am not alone,
I represent millions,
whose blood has been spilled,
I represent millions,
who returned to suffer nightmares,
until death calls them home,
I represent millions,
ready to step forward when freedom rings.

I lie in the Tomb Of The Unknown,
I rest comfortably, at peace,
I will never be alone,
my soul rests in heaven,
where I am well known

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