John A. Commerford – Captain, United States Army Superintendent, Arlington National Cemetery

Born on November 2, 1839, he was a veteran of the Civil War, serving with Companies B, G, and H of the Third Massachusetts Volunteer Cavalry. He was the Superintendent of Arlington National Cemetery from October 1886 to November 1892.

He died on November 22, 1914 and was buried in Section 1 of Arlington National Cemetery. His wife, Elizabeth Hall Commerford (January 28, 1845-July 8, 1931) lies with him.

His son, Leon Commerford, Captain, United States Army (1882-1957) and his wife, Jessie Hardeman Commerford (1884-1954) are buried in an adjoining site, as are his grandson, Leon Commerford, Jr., Colonel, United States Army (July 13, 1913-June 12, 1991) and his wife, Marie Hoebreck Commerford (1916-1987).








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