John Adrian Hoogewerff – Rear Admiral, United States Navy

Rear Admiral John Adrian Hoogewerff, U.S. Navy
Born in Howard Country, Maryland November 27, 1860
Died at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii February 13, 1933

Son of Samuel Evans & Mary Elizabeth (Duval) Hoogewerff
Married Edwardine L. Hiester of Reading, Pennsylvania October 10, 1889 No children reported Student, Pennsylvania Military Academy 1875-76

Cadet, U.S. Naval Academy 1877-81
Cadet Midshipman June 27, 1877
Naval Cadet August 5, 1882
Ensign (Jr.) July 1, 1883
Ensign June 26, 1884
Lieutenant (Jg.) November 5, 1893
Lieutenant July 21, 1897
Lieutenant Commander March 3, 1903
Commander July 6, 1907
Captain March 4, 1911
Rear Admiral (Temporary) August 31, 1917
Rear Admiral July 1, 1918

Served with USS Lancaster, European Station 1881-83
Served at U.S. Naval Academy April-June 1883
Served with Naval Observatory, Washington D.C. 1883-85
Served with USS Brooklyn, South American Waters 1885-89
In Charge of Magnetic Observatory, Naval Observatory, Washington D.C. 1889-92 Special duty, Mare Island June-July 1892 Served with USS. Charleston, Special Service Squadron 1892-94 Served with USS Philadelphia, Pacific Squadron 1894-95 Served at US. Naval Academy 1895-97 Served with USS Cincinnati, South Atlantic Station 1897-98 Served with USS Amphitrite, North Atlantic Fleet 1898-00 Served at US Naval Academy 1900-02 Served with USS. Dixie June-July 1902 Served with USS Panther 1902-03 Executive Officer, USS Minneapolis 1903-05 Served at U.S. Naval Academy 1905-08 Commanding Officer, USS Monadnock 1908-09 Commanding Officer, USS Monterey 1909 Commanding Officer, USS Galveston, Asiatic Station 1909-10 Member Navy General Board 1910-11 Commanding Officer, USS Kansas, North Atlantic Fleet 1911-13 Student, Navy War College 1913-14 Superintendent, Naval Observatory, Washington D.C. 1914-17 Commanding Officer, USS Pennsylvania April-September 1917 Commander, Mine Force, Atlantic Fleet September-November 1917 Commander, Division ONE, Battleship Force ONE, Atlantic Fleet 1917-19 Superintendent, Naval Observatory, Washington D.C. 1919-21 Commandant, Navy Yard, Puget Sound 1921-24 Placed on Retired List November 27, 1924.

Landed with American forces in Alexandria, Egypt, shortly after that City was bombarded by the British in 1882. During war with Spain, served on the Cincinnati for which he was awarded medals for the action at Matanzas. As Commander of a Battleship Division during World War I, received the Victory Medal and the Navy Cross.

Author: Magnetic Observations (1891)

John Adrian Hoogewerff was born in 1860.  He graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1881. He was a career Naval officer who progressed through the ranks to Rear Admiral.  He died in 1933 and was buried with full military honors in Section 5 of Arlington National Cemetery.  His wife, Edwardine Hoogewerff (1867-1952) is buried with him.

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