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Julius Cecil Holmes
Brigadier General, United States Army
American Diplomat
Kansas State Flag
Julius Cecil Holmes (1899-1968) -- also known as Julius C. Holmes -- of Kansas. Born in Pleasanton, Linn County, Kansas, April 24, 1899. Served in the U.S. Army during World War I; Foreign Service officer; U.S. Vice Consul in Marseille, 1926; U.S. Consul General in Hong Kong, 1959-61; U.S. Ambassador to Iran, 1961-65. Died in 1968.  Buried in Section 30 of Arlington National Cemetery.  His wife, Henrietta Allen Holmes (1900-1972) is buried with him.

Apr. 24, 1899 Born, Pleasanton, Kansas
1925-1937 Foreign Service Officer
1942 Executive Officer, U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff
1942-1944 Liaison Section, AFHQ
1944 Deputy G-5, SHAEF
1944-1945 Assistant Secretary of State
1953 Minister, American Embassy, London
1954 With the State Department
1955 Ambassador to Iran
1955-1956 Diplomatic Agent, Minister, Morocco
1956-1959 Special Assistant to the Secretary of State for NATO Affairs
1959-1961 Consul General, Hong Kong
1961-1965 Ambassador to Iran
July 16, 1968 Died at the age of 69

Prescott Bush's scorn for the military is reflected in his promotion of Julius C. Holmes (CFR). Julius (CFR) worked in tandem with Alger Hiss (CFR) in the forming of the UN in San Francisco) in 1945 ... Julius bought oil tankers from the U.S. government. One was leased to the Soviet Union so they could carry petroleum from Rumania to the Chinese Communists who were killing Americans during the Korean war. The Council on Foreign Relations President Henry Wriston wanted Julius Holmes appointed Ambassador to Iran. During the Senate debate Senator Prescott Bush (CFR) (Skull& Bones) pleaded with the U.S. Senate by quoting Wriston said "Julius Holmes was the ablest man in the Foreign Service Corp of the United States. Bush thumbed his nose at those who died and were wounded. The Bush family have long thought the Armed Forces are too damned dumb to know what is going on but should be willing to die for the New World Order.
Posted: 31 August 2003 Updated: 9 July 2007
Distinguished Service Medal

Legion of Merit

JC Holmes Gravesite PHOTO June 2003

JC Holmes Gravesite PHOTO June 2003
Photo By M. R. Patterson, 28 June 2003