James Cutts Williams – First Lieutenant, United States Army

James Cutts Williams of Kansas
Appointed from Washington, D. C. Private and Corporal, Company H and Sergeant Major, 34th United States Volunteer Infantry, 23 August 1899 to 3 September 1900
Second Lieutenant, Squadron, Philippine Cavalry, 24 August 1900
Second Lieutenant, 12th United States Infantry, 1 Sent 1900
Accidentally killed 13 October 1901

He was the son of Brigadier General Robert Williams and is buried near his Father in Section 2 of Arlington National Cemetery.

Officer Of TheTwelfth InfantryFalls From A Train In The Philippines – Enlisted as a Private

WASHINGTON, October 14, 1901 – Adjutant General Corbin received a cable message this afternoon from General Chaffee at Manila, saying that Second Lieutenant James C. Williams of the Twelfth Infantry fell off a train at Tarlac yesterday and was instantly killed.  Lieutenant Williams was a a son of the late Brigadier General Robert Williams, formerly Adjutant General of the Army, who died a few weeks ago.

Young Williams was born in Kansas, but had been a resident of theDistrict of Columbia for many years.  In August 1899, he enlisted in theArmy as a Privage in the Thirty-fourth Infantryand was promoted to a Second Lieutenancy for efficient services in the Philippines.

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