John Francis Uncles – Lieutenant General, United States Army

Uncles, John Francis

Born September 18, 1898
Died January 20, 1967
United States Army
Lieutenant General
Residence: Washington, DC
Arlington National Cemetery Section 3, Grave 8982-C
Buried January 24, 1967

Uncles, Elizabeth Banks
Born October 2, 1902
Died May 29, 1999
US Marine Corps
Residence: Mclean, Virginia
Arlington National Cemetery Section 3, Grave 8982-C
Buried June 8, 1999

Information By Michael T. Stein

Regarding  needed information about Lieutenant General John F. Uncles:
The following information is recorded in my collection:

  • Second Lieutenant (USMA) 1922
  • First Lieutenant March 19th, 1927
  • Captain August 1st, 1935
  • Major July 1st, 1940
  • Lieutenant Colonel January 1st, 1942
  • Colonel (AUS) July 17th, 1942
  • Brigadier General (AUS) August 24th, 1944
  • Lieutenant Colonel (USA) June 13th, 1945
  • Brigadier General (AUS) terminated January 31st, 1946
  • Colonel March 11th, 1948
  • Brigadier General 1950
  • Major General 1952
  • Lieutenant General 1956

Instructor US.Military Academy (Philosophy) 1934-47.
Served with 11th Field Artillery (Hawaii) 1934-37.
Student, Command & General Staff School 1937-38.
Instructor (Dept. of Tactics & Communications), Field Artillery School 1938-40.
Assistant Personnel Officer, Office of the Chief of Field Artillery 1940-42.
Assistant G-1 (Personnel), Army Ground Forces 1942-43.
Assistant Executive, Field Artillery Training Center (Ft. Sill) 1943.
Student, New Division Officers Course, Field Artillery School 1943.
Commanding Officer, 404th Field Artillery Group 1943-44.
Commanding General, 34th Field Artillery Brigade 1944-45.
Commanding General, 32nd Field Artillery Brigade 1945-46.
Assistant G-1 (Personnel), Army Ground Forces 1946-48.
Chief of Staff, US. Constabulary, Europe 1948-50.
Commanding General, 3rd Infantry Division 1950-51.
Artillery Commander, 7th Army 1951-52.
Deputy Assistant Army Chief of Staff G-4 (Supply) 1952-53.
Chief of Research & Development (Dept. of the Army) 1953-54.
Chief of Staff, U. S. Army-Pacific 1954-56.
Commanding General, VII US. Corps 1956-58.
Retired 1958
Distinguished Service Medal
Legion of Merit
Bronze Star

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