Joseph James O’Hare – Brigadier General, United States Army

Courtesy of Michael T. Stein

Brigadier General Joseph James O´Hare

Born February 19, 1893 in Boston, Massachusetts
Died April 2, 1961 in Tuscon, Arizona

Cadet U.S. Military Academy 1912-16
Graduated as No. 5571, Class of 1916

Second Lieutenant June 13, 1916
First Lieutenant July 1, 1916
Captain (Temporary) August 5, 1917
Captain October 12, 1917
Major June 2, 1927
Lieutenant Colonel November 1, 1937
Colonel (AUS) December 11, 1941
Brigadier General (Army of the United States) November 8, 1944
Colonel January 3, 1945

Served with Coast Defenses of Boston 1916-17
Provost Marshal of Boston July-September 1917
Aide-de-Camp to Commander, Northeastern Department August-November 1917
Assistant Chief of Staff, Northeastern Department 1917-18
Regimental Adjutant, 73rd Coast Artillery Regiment June-September 1918
Battalion Commander, 73rd Coast Artillery Regiment September-December 1918
Athletic Officer, Advanced Section, Services of Supply, AEF 1919-20
Instructor, US. Military Academy 1920-25
Student, Command & General Staff School 1928-29
Military Attaché, Cuba 1929-33
Served with 16th Infantry Regiment 1933-35
Instructor, New York National Guard 1935-40
Commander, US. Troops New York World´s Fair 1939
Assistant Chief of Staff G-1 (Personnel), 1st US.Army 1940-44
Assistant Chief of Staff G-1 (Personnel), 12th Army Group 1944-45
Assistant Chief of Staff G-1 (Personnel), Army Service Forces, European Theater of Operations 1945
Deputy Chief of Staff, Army Service Forces, European Theater of Operations 1945-46
Assistant G-1 (Personnel), Army General Staff 1946-49
Student, Intelligence School 1949
Military Attaché, France 1949-53
Retired 1953
Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star (2), Commendation Ribbon

Joseph James O'Hare was born on 19 February 1893.  He was a 1916 graduate of the United States Military Academy and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant, United States Army, in June 1916.

During his military career, he was the recipient of the Distinguished Service Medal.

General O'Hare died on 2 April 1961 and was buried with full military honors in Section 1 of Arlington National Cemetery.

His wife, Martha Armstrong O'Hare (1 April 1895-13 July 1985) is buried with him.


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