John Magruder – Brigadier General, United States Army

Brigadier General John Magruder
Born in Woodstock, Virginia June 3, 1887
Died April 30th, 1958

Graduated from Virginia Military Institute 1909

Second Lieutenant 1910
Major (AUS) 1918
Colonel 1939
Brigadier General (AUS) 1940

Served with the Infantry 1910-11
Transferred to Field Artillery 1911
Served with 120th Field Artillery, AEF (Europe) 1918-19
Assistant Military Attaché, Peking 1920-24
Student, Command & General Staff College 1925-26
Military Attaché, Peking 1926-30
Student, Army War College 1930-31
Professor (Military Science & Tactics), Virginia Military Institute 1932-35
Military Attaché, Switzerland 1935-39
Chief of Intelligence Division, War Department 1938-41
Artillery Commander, 1st Infantry Division 1941
Chief, Military Advisory Group, China 1941-43
Served with Headquarters, Service of Supply 1943
Deputy Director (Intelligence), OSS 1943-44
Duty with Public Relations, War Department 1944
Deputy Director (Intelligence), OSS 1944-45
Director of Strategic Services Unit, War Department 1945-46
Retired October 31, 1946
Distinguished Service Medal

He is buried in Section 3 of Arlington National Cemetery with his wife, Helen Schurman Magruder (born March 9, 1894 and died on February 17, 1976) and his son, Second Lieutenant Munro Magruder (July 6, 1927-September 4, 1950), who was killed in action in Korea.


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