James Miles Moore – Brigadier General, United States Army

James Miles Moore of Pennsylvania

  • Appointed Private, Company G, 19th Pennsylvania Infantry, 18 April to 8 August 1861
  • Second Lieutenant, 90th Pennsylvania Infantry, 21 February 1862
  • First Lieuenant, 10 March 1862
  • Resigned, 7 April 1863
  • Captain, Assistant Quartermaster of U. S. Volunteers, 11 March 1863 to 27 July 1864
  • Captain, Assistant Quartermaster General, U. S. Army, 2 July 1864
  • Major, Quartermaster, 13 June 1867
  • Lieutenant Colonel, Deputy Quartermaster General, 2 July 1883
  • Colonel, Assistant Quartermaster General, 14 January 1895
  • Retired 26 October 1901
  • Breveted Major, 13 March 1865 for faithful and meritorious service during the war
  • Breveted Lietenant Colonel, 24 November 1865 for meritorious and faithful service

Civil War Veteran Will Be Buried At Arlington

CHICAGO, April 22, 1905 – Brigadier General James M. Moore, United States Army, retired, died tonight after a brief illness. The home of General Moore was in New York City and he was visiting relatives until attacked by illness.  The body willbe taken toWashington where funeral services will be held Monday.  Burial will be in Arlington National Cemetery.

General Moore was among the first toenlist in the civil war, joining theNineteenth Pennsylvania  Infantry on April 18, 1861.  He served two years in the line and was then transferred to the Quartermaster's Department in which he remained until his promotion to Colonel in 1901.  He was promoted to Brigadier General on the retired list in 1904.

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