James Richard Sanders, Jr. – Tech Sergeant, United States Air Force

James Richard Sanders, Jr.
Aberdeen, Maryland
Born April 12, 1923
Technical Sergeant, U.S. Air Force
Died while Prisoner of War
Died August 10, 1951 in Korea

Technical Sergeant Sanders was a member of the US Air Force in Korea. He was taken Prisoner of War while engaged with the enemy in Korea on August 10, 1951 and died while a prisoner.

He was aboard one of the first B-29's over Korea and was shot   down. He was captured and held prisoner and died there. He is now buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

He was a radio opertor on B29 Bomber. His home base was MacDill at Tampa, Florida. He was a Tech Sergeant and was captured north of the Yalu River after being shot down. He later died in captivity. His Airchraft Commander was Major Macdonled

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