Joel T. Kirkman – Colonel, United States Army

Joel T. Kirkman, of Illinois

  • Appointed from Illinois, Second Lieutenant, 21st Illinois Volunteer Infantry, 28 June 1861.
  • First Lieuenant, 13 November 1862
  • Captain, 1 January 1864
  • Resigned 7 June 1864
  • Captain, 6th United States Veteran Volunteer Infantry, 19 February 1865
  • Honorably mustered out of the volunteer service, 9 April 1866
  • Second Lieutenant and First Lieutenant, 17th United States Infantry, 23 February 1866
  • Transferred to the 26th United States Infantry, 21 September 1866
  • Transferred to the 10th United States Infantry, 19 May 1869
  • Captain, 11 April 1882
  • Major, 16th United States Infantry, 23 July 1898
  • Lieutenant Colonel, 18th United States Infantry, 2 February 1901
  • Retired 3 July 1901

Courtesy of Leonard Beck: 22 July 2006

Army and Navy Journal – Vol 59 (1921-1922)

Colonel Joel T. Kirkman, United States Army Retired, died 12 November 1921 at the Walter Reed General Hospital in Washington, D.C. Mrs. Kirkman, his widow, resides at Copley Court, 17th and Church Streets N.W., Washington.

Colonel Kirkman was one of the oldest officers of the Army and was a veteran of the Civil War and the Spanish-American War. He was born in Illinois July 5, 1837 and during the Civil War served as a Leisutenant and Captain in the 21st Illinois Infantry and Captain in the 6th U.S. Volunteer Infantry. He first entered the regular army as a Second Leuitenant, 17th Infantry, February 23, 1866 and was retired for age July 5, 1901.

13 December 1932:

Dateline: Atlanta, Georgia

Mrs. Louise Adrienne Kirkman, 73 years, widow of Captain Joel T. Kirkman, United States Army, died at her home here today after several days of illness. She was a native of France and was well-known in Washington, D.C.  Survivors are two sons: H. M Kirkman of New Haven, Connecticut and R. F. Kirkman of Chicago, and one daughter: Mrs Adrienne Kirkman Wentz of Atlanta.

Personal Facts:

Joel Kirkman married Lucy Fanny Walker on 6 October 1861, in Morgan County, Illinois.  They had two children:  Ethel Lucy and George Wycherly, who graduated from West Point in 1889. He was dismissed from the Army in 1905. Mrs Kirkman died in Galveston, Texas, 22 August 1867.

Colonel Kirkman married next, Louise Adrienne Fauche 12 October 1869 in Camden County, Texas. They had three children: Hugounene M., who entered the Army under the name of Hugh Tecumseh. He was a First Lieuentant and was dismissed from the Army in 1905. Two other children were Raymond F. and Louise Adrienne.

Joel T. Kirkman entered the Army in the 17th US Infantry but served most of his career in the 10th US Infantry.  He retired from the Army as a Lieutenant Colonel and was promoted to Colonel while on the Retired List for his Civil War Service.


  • DATE OF DEATH: 11/12/1921

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