Judith Calder – Military Spouse, United States Marine Corps

Police seek clues in UNR professor's disappearance

23 August 2007

Police were reviewing video surveillance tapes Wednesday from John Ascuaga's Nugget and the University of Nevada, Reno campus for information that might lead them to a missing UNR professor.

Judy Calder, 64, was reported missing by her husband Sunday. The couple live in Incline Village, but Calder was staying at the Sparks hotel last weekend before she disappeared.


“We're looking at the tapes and following up a couple of other leads, but we don't have anything at this time,” Sparks police Commander Steve Asher said.

He said it is not known if Calder was a victim of an accident or a crime.

“Every missing person has to be treated as a homicide because we don't know what happened,” Asher said. “The most important thing now is to find someone who may have seen her.”

Calder is 5-foot-5, 145 pounds and has brown eyes and red hair, Asher said. She checked into the Nugget about 5 p.m. Friday and was last heard from about 10 a.m. Saturday.

Her husband, James Calder, told police his wife is a diabetic and has high blood pressure. He said Sparks detectives advised him and his family not to make any statements to the media.

“They said it would not be productive at this stage of the investigation,” said Calder, a retired Marine with an office machines business in Incline Village.

An associate professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies, Judy Calder was seen working Friday in her office in the Sarah Fleischmann building, Asher said.

On Sunday, Reno police found her brown 2000 Lexus L300 on Evans Street between Fifth and Sixth streets, south of the university.

“We're still processing the car, but we're not releasing anything about that,” Asher said of what might have been found.

UNR police are reviewing videotapes taken from surveillance cameras at the entrance to the building where Calder worked, Chief Adam Garcia said.

“We'll probably continue to look to see whether she left the building and then came back again and watch to see whether she was with someone else,” he said.

Judy Calder did research on drug and alcohol abuse prevention, said Eva Essa, department chair.

“We are all very concerned about her, and we certainly hope for the best,” Essa said. “It's a very perplexing kind of thing. What on earth went on, and what happened with her car being found like that? We are all very worried.”


Judy Calder, 64, was reported missing Sunday. She is 5-foot-5, 145 pounds and has brown eyes and red hair.

Sparks detectives can be reached at 755-353-2225 or Secret Witness at 755-322-4900.

On August 19, 2007, at 4:16 p.m. Judy Calder was reported missing by her husband. Judy was last believed to be staying at the Nugget in Sparks. Calder checked into the Nugget on August 17, 2007 at about 5 p.m. and was last heard from on August 18, 2007 at about 10:00 a.m.

The vehicle she was reportedly driving was located on August 19, 2007 by Reno Police Department in the 500 block of Evans Avenue. Judy is a Associate Professor at the University of Nevada working in the research department. She may have been in her office located on University of Nevada campus between August 17, 2007 and August 19, 2007. Judy is a diabetic and has high blood pressure which she is currently taking medication for.

Police: Disappearance of professor is ‘suspicious'

24 August 2007The family of Judy Calder is offering a $25,000 reward to find the missing university professor, who Sparks police now believe could have been the victim of a crime.

Police said Thursday that Calder's disappeara nce appears to be “suspicious in nature.”

Calder's sister, Carolyn Conger of Santa Monica, California, said Thursday that her sister would have gotten in touch with the family if she were able to do so.

“She's not erratic at all, and it would be highly unlike her not to contact us,” Conger said.

“We really need the public's help, and the fact that she's diabetic and on medication is important.”

Conger said her sister's diabetes medicine was found in her room at the Sparks Nugget, the last place she was seen before her husband, Jim Calder, reported her missing on Sunday.

The family is offering the reward to whomever provides Judy Calder's whereabouts. Calder, 64, is 5-feet-5 and 145 pounds with brown eyes and red hair.

She and her husband live in Incline Village, but Calder was seen Friday working in her office at the University of Nevada, Reno.

An associate professor with the UNR Department of Human Development and Family Studies, Calder has been at UNR for 15 years as a researcher and professor.

Her brown 2000 Lexus was found abandoned Sunday in Reno on Evans Avenue south of the university. Police said a man was seen that same day driving what could have been Calder's vehicle.

Investigators are continuing to review video surveillance tapes from the Nugget and the university, Sparks Police Commander Steve Asher said.

“We're just trying to narrow down some time frames and, other than that, we have nothing new,” he said.

Sparks detectives are asking anyone who might have seen Calder or her vehicle to call them at 353-2225, Sparks Police Dispatch at 353-2231 or Secret Witness at 322-4900.

Authorities still having trouble with body's ID

31 August 2007Authorities said this morning it’s unknown when an identification could be made on a woman’s body found in Elko County who could be a missing University of Nevada, Reno associate professor.

Elko County Undersheriff Rocky Gonzalez said the body found this week off of old U.S. Highway 93 was so badly decomposed that fingerprint analysis can’t be done.

He said comparisons will likely have to be made through DNA testing and through dental records which could take some time.

“We just want to be sure,” Gonzalez said about the body’s identity.

Judy Calder, 64, was reported missing August 19 by her husband, James, the same day her Lexus was found abandoned in downtown Reno.

Her sister, Carolyn Conger, said she has confirmed to the Washoe County Medical Examiner’s Office that her sister often wore a pair of open-toed green shoes.

Last August, Calder had been beaten in the garage of her Incline Village home by an intruder who told her someone at the university wanted her dead. No arrests have been made in the on-going case.

Calder has been missing for nearly two weeks under what police say are suspicious circumstances. Calder also has diabetes and high blood pressure for which she takes daily medications.

The last time Calder was reportedly seen was August 18 on the UNR campus by a faculty member.

The body found off the highway was clothed and had no identification. Police said Calder had her purse when she was seen leaving John Ascuaga’s Nugget the morning of August 18. She had been staying at the hotel that weekend while she was working at the university. Her husband was supposed to join her but was busy trying to fix a broken water heater in their home.

Authorities said if the body is Calder, they will have to determine the location of the crime scene. Elko County Sheriff’s Office is treating the case as a homicide until an official manner of death is determined.

If the body is not Calder, Sparks police will continue it’s missing person investigation.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contacts Sparks police at 353-2225, Secret Witness at 322-4900 or the Elko County Sheriff’s Office at (775) 738-3421.

Murder victim identified as missing Nevada professor

1 September 2007SPARKS, Nevada — A body found in rural northeastern Nevada has been positively identified as that of a missing University of Nevada, Reno professor, and a family friend has been targeted as the suspect in her death, police said Saturday.

Sparks Police Commander Steve Asher said an investigation and autopsy revealed 64-year-old Judy Calder, an associate professor in UNR's Department of Human Development and Family Studies, was stabbed to death August 18 at the Reno business Imaging Technologies.

Investigators think her body then was driven to Elko County, where it was found Tuesday along old Highway 93, about 375 miles northeast of Reno.

One of the owners of the Reno business, Ricky Barge, 50, was identified as the suspect. Asher said Calder and her family were friends and business associates of Barge, but police were unsure of the exact nature of the relationship.

Investigators now are trying to determine the true identity of Barge, whose name was an apparent alias, he added.

“The family is in a period of grieving and going through a hard time,” Asher said. “We just need to locate this individual and do our job on that end.”

Asher declined to comment on a possible motive for the killing. He also said authorities were unsure whether the suspect was still in the Reno area.

According to a university Web site, Calder specialized in family and domestic violence, as well as research methods. She taught “Introduction to Research” and “Issues in Family Health” classes. She received doctor of education, master's and bachelor's degrees from UCLA between 1967 and 1977.

“Judy was a longtime faculty member at the university, and was a good friend to her colleagues and students,” UNR President Milton Glick said. “I am saddened beyond words to hear of this tragic news. On behalf of the entire university, I wish to extend our deepest sympathies to Judy's family.”

Calder had lived with her husband, James, in Incline Village on Lake Tahoe's north shore for more than 30 years and they raised their three daughters there. In an earlier interview, James Calder described her as an “outgoing, enthusiastic, likable person.”

She was staying at John Ascuaga's Nugget hotel-casino in Sparks the weekend she disappeared.

Police said Calder was seen leaving the Nugget around 10:30 a.m. on August 18, and that she was seen by another faculty member on campus that day between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

Asher declined to comment on the time of her death.

Calder's car was found near the university August 19. Police said a person described as a dark-skinned male may have been seen driving it earlier that day.

Asher said the suspect was of Middle Eastern descent.

A phone call to Imaging Technologies was not returned Saturday.

Glick said a campus memorial service for Calder will be held soon, but no date has been determined yet.

Calder Family Searches for Motive Save Email Print

3 September 2007As more details come out surrounding the murder of Judy Calder, the more friends and family members say the reason for her death remains a mystery. Those who knew her say they want one question answered: Why Judy?

Police believe a 50-year-old man, who may have been using the alias, “Ricky Barge” is responsible for stabbing Judy Calder to death at his business, Imaging Technologies, in East Reno. After Calder's body was discovered, police believe Barge may have fled the state.

They say they've been working with immigration officials and other federal agencies to help locate him. Police are only saying Barge was a family friend and business associate of the Calder's, but won't elaborate.

We asked Judy's husband, Jim Calder, about Barge. He says he knew him, but not well. Both Jim Calder and Ricky Barge owned office machine supply companies.

Judy's colleagues in the Health and Human Sciences Department at UNR, say they've seen Barge around their building on several occasions. Most recently, he sold a laser printer to their office and came by to service it, just a few weeks back. They say they aren't aware of any other relationship between Judy Calder and her suspected killer.

In an interview with Judy's husband last week, he told us the investigation over his wife's murder was complicated, making finding a motive difficult for police.

“Sparks PD, you know they are doing the best they can. They just have so much information to go through,” said Calder.

While police continue to search for Ricky Barge, Judy's friends at UNR are mourning their loss. They've set up a portal on the UNR website where colleagues have posted notes and grievances about Calder. They say putting their thoughts into words is working as a form of therapy, while they deal with a horrible tragedy they never saw coming. You can post comments about Judy at: http://hhs.unr.edu/judy_memorial.

Her colleagues also say they are working on planning a memorial service for Judy at the campus, as well as a scholarship fund set up in her name. They've also formed grief support groups to help people cope with the professor's death.

Police are not releasing much information about the suspect. They will only say he's a family acquaintance and that they are looking for him. They have declined to comment regarding any past criminal history involving Barge.

Witness to Calder slaying found

6 September 2007
An ex-felon who said he witnessed Judy Calder’s August 18 slaying at the hands of her business associate remains jailed on charges unrelated to the case while authorities say her killer remains at large.

Carlos Filomeno, 38, was booked into the Washoe County Jail on the morning of August 31 on two warrants charging him with probation violation, authorities said.

Immigration Customs Enforcement has also placed a hold on him.

He remained in custody without bail Thursday, jail officials said, and he declined requests for an interview.

Filomeno, according to court documents, told police that he was working for Rickey Barge, whose real name is Mohamed Kalam Kamalaudeen, and at Barge’s request purchased the knife Barge allegedly used to kill Judy Calder.

He then helped Barge place her body in a box they left in a work van, according to documents.

Barge killed Calder, Filomeno said, because he owed her money, according to court documents.

The following day, Filomeno said Barge told him he had “taken care of” the box that contained Calder’s body, documents show. Last week, Calder’s decomposed body was found off a highway in rural Elko County.

Police found Filomeno in a Reno casino after Barge told detectives in an interview last month that Filomeno had been helping him load work vans and clean his warehouse. They arrested Filomeno on the probation violation warrants and then interviewed him about Judy Calder’s disappearance.

Police said they found evidence to support the claims Filomeno made about Judy Calder’s death.

Barge was charged in a warrant this week with stabbing to death Calder, a 64-year-old University of Nevada, Reno associate professor.

Barge and his wife, Rose, own an office supply business, Imaging Technologies. Judy Calder and her husband were friends and business associates of Barge.

James Calder reported her missing on Aug. 19, the day her Lexus was found in downtown Reno.

According to Barge’s arrest warrant, James Calder had been at Imaging Technologies on August 18 as his wife’s body was hidden in a box in a work van.

Detectives interviewed Barge on August 21 and he said the last time he saw Calder was when he checked her into John Ascuaga’s Nugget on August 17 as she was using his complimentary room. Barge told detectives that somebody may have killed her because she was very demanding, according to the arrest warrant.

Barge’s wife, Rose Ayube, hung up the telephone this afternoon when asked for comment.

Witness details Calder's murder

6 September 2007A witness to Judy Calder's stabbing death told police her business associate said he killed her because he owed her money, according to court documents.

Mohamed Kalam Kamalaudeen, known locally as Rickey Lee Don Barge, was charged Tuesday on a warrant with murder with the use of a deadly weapon in the killing of Calder, a 64-year-old University of Nevada, Reno associate professor.

On Wednesday night, Sparks police said Kamalaudeen, also known as Omar Burak, remained at large. He lives in the 10800 block of Rushing Flume Drive with his wife, Maharul Afrose Muhamed Ayube, listed as an owner of Kamalaudeen's Reno comp-any, Imaging Technologies, in a Better Business Bureau report.

Carlos Filomeno, a convicted felon working for Kamalaudeen at the business, told police that on August 18 that Kamalaudeen said he was going to kill Calder because he owed her money, according to an affidavit seeking the warrant obtained by KRNV-TV, News 4. Kamalaudeen then drove Filomeno to Wal-Mart and gave him money to buy a knife and three sweat suits, the affidavit says.

The following day at the business, Filomeno said Kamalaudeen told him to put on one of the sweat suits and said he saw Kamalaudeen lining a large cardboard box with plastic.

Thirty minutes after Calder last spoke to her husband, James — about 10 a.m. August 18 — she went into the business' warehouse, the document said. Filomeno said he saw Kamalaudeen, wearing one of the sweat suits, stab her twice in the chest and she fell to the ground. He said she screamed softly.

Minutes later, Kamalaudeen asked him to help put Calder inside the plastic-lined box, with their bloody sweat suits, the knife and paper towels soaked in blood.

The pair then put the box into a work van in front of the business on Edison Way, the affidavit said. Kamalaudeen gave Filomeno the keys to Calder's Lexus. Police found it the next day parked on Evans Avenue.

About 5 p.m. August 18, James Calder, also listed as an Imaging Technologies owner, arrived at the business while his wife's body was in the van.

Filomeno and Kamalaudeen left about 6 p.m., the same time as James Calder.

Filomeno said he didn't see the box August 19, when Kamalaudeen picked him up in the van. He said Kamalaudeen told him that “he had taken care of it,” the affidavit said.

The pair drove to Arizona where Kamalaudeen was making a planned delivery related to his imaging business. On Aug. 31, authorities found blood evidence at the business where Filomeno said Judy Calder was killed, the document said.

Two hunters Aug. 28 found Judy Calder's decomposed body along a rural highway in Elko County.

Kamalaudeen was first interviewed by Sparks police detectives on August 21. He told them the room Judy Calder was staying in at John Ascuaga's Nugget was a complimentary room he gave her because she planned to work the weekend at the university. She often stayed at local hotels to save the commute to her Incline Village home.

Kamalaudeen said he gave Judy Calder $1,000 in gaming chips to use during her stay.

He told police he didn't know she was missing until his wife told him August 20. He said somebody probably killed her because she was “very demanding,” the affidavit said.

Kamalaudeen told detectives he hired Filomeno as a laborer off the street to help him load his delivery van and clean his warehouse. James Calder later identified Filomeno from a mug shot as the man he saw August 18 helping Kamalaudeen load his van.

An autopsy determined Judy Calder died of stab wounds to her torso. Her body was identified through dental records.

Detectives said Kamalaudeen is from Guyana, and assumed the identity of a Dallas man after he came to the United States.

Authorities said Kamalaudeen rented a vehicle Aug. 24 at Reno-Tahoe International Airport and fled the state. Police found it in San Antonio.

Arlington burial planned for slain professor

6 September 2007Funeral services for slain University of Nevada, Reno associate professor Judy Calder will be September 12 at Arlington National Cemetery, her sister said.

Calder’s husband, James, is a former U.S. Marine. Spouses of ex-military men may be buried at the Virginia cemetery.

“We are hanging in there day by day,” said Carolyn Conger, Judy Calder’s sister. “We miss her.”

Arrangements are also being made with UNR officials to have a memorial service on campus. No details were available Thursday. The ceremony was expected to be scheduled in the next few weeks.

Authorities believe that Calder was stabbed to death by her friend and business associate, Rickey Barge, whose real name is Mohamed Kalam Kamalaudeen.

He remains at large and a warrant was issued for his arrest charging him with Calder’s August 18 murder.

Barge owned Imaging Technologies, a business that cleaned, serviced and supplied office equipment such as printers and fax machines.

7 September 2007:An arrest warrant shows that killed University of Nevada Professor Judy Calder lay dead in a delivery truck just a few feet away from where her husband searched for her.

There's also an eyewitness account of the killing allegedly at the hands of Mohammed Kalam Kamaleudeen who went by the name Rickey Barge.

According to the warrant, Carlos Filomena (who worked for Kamaleudeen at Imaging Technologies) says he saw him stab Calder twice in the chest in a dispute over money. He then said he helped his boss move Calder's body and clean the crime scene out of fear.

Calder's body was found 11 days later off Highway 93 north of Wells.

Filomena is currently in jail on an unrelated probation violation.

The warrant also shows Kamaleudeen rented a car at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport and drove to San Antonio, Texas where he used to live.

If you have any information on this crime, call Secret Witness at 322-4900. Your call will remain anonymous.

You can also call Reno Detectives at 334-2188 or Sparks Police at 353-2225.

Calder murder witness still held

7 September 2007An ex-felon who told police he witnessed the Aug. 18 stabbing death of university professor Judy Calder remained jailed on unrelated charges Thursday while Calder's killer remained at large.

Carlos Filomeno, 38, was booked August 31 into Washoe County Jail on two warrants charging him with probation violations, Nevada Parole and Probation spokesman Rich Tiran said. Filomeno is accused of not reporting to probation officers concerning two Washoe County felony convictions in 2003 related to fraud crimes.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have placed a hold on Filomeno after a background check revealed he is in the country illegally, Tiran said.

Filomeno is being held without bail and declined a request for an interview, jail officials said Thursday.

He told police he was working for Rickey Barge, whose real name is Mohamed Kalam Kamaudeen. After Kamaudeen moved from Guyana to the area with his family several years ago, he assumed the identity of Barge, a Dallas man, police said.

Kamaudeen, 50, was charged in a warrant this week with the stabbing death of Calder, a 64-year-old University of Nevada, Reno associate professor.

Kamaudeen allegedly killed her because he owed her money, court documents said. Police would not comment on possible motives or evidence in the case.

Kamaudeen and his wife, Rose Ayube, own Imaging Technologies in Reno, an office supply store where Calder's husband, James, stored items from his office supply company, said Judy Calder's sister, Carolyn Conger. Kamaudeen's business dealt with the servicing and supply of copy and fax machines and printers, she said.

The Calders were friends with Kamaudeen and “loose” business associates, Conger said.

The business had no sign Thursday and lettering on a truck had been painted over.

When contacted at her business Thursday, Ayube hung up the phone. James Calder could not be reached Thursday.

Although James Calder was at the businesses the day his wife was killed there, Sparks police Commander Steve Asher said Thursday there is no evidence he is involved in his wife's death.

He said he could not comment on Filomeno or any charges he might face other than he had pertinent information that was assisting detectives in the case.

Detectives said in court documents that Kamaudeen rented a vehicle from Reno-Tahoe International Airport on Aug. 24 which was later found in San Antonio, Texas.

Last week, hunters found Judy Calder's decomposed body along a rural highway in Elko County. She was identified Saturday through dental records.

Conger said her sister will be buried September 12 in the Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia. James Calder is a former U.S. Marine and spouses of ex-military may be buried there.

University of Nevada, Reno officials also are working to schedule a memorial service for Calder in the next few weeks.

“We are just hanging in there day by day,” Conger said. “We miss her.”

On August 21, three days after James Calder reported his wife missing, Kamaudeen told Sparks police detectives he checked Judy Calder into John Ascuaga's Nugget on August 17 so she could use his complimentary room for the weekend. She had planned on working at the university that weekend and the hotel stay would spare her the commute to her Incline Village home. Her husband was going to join her but was fixing a broken water heater in their home.

According to court documents, Filomeno told police that on that same day Kamaudeen told him he was going to kill Calder because he owed her money and at Kamaudeen's request bought a knife and three sweat suits.

The next day, the pair were at Imaging Technologies when Judy Calder walked inside. Before she arrived that morning, Filomeno put on one of the sweat suits on Kamaudeen's demand, and saw Kamaudeen lining a large cardboard box with plastic, the warrant said. Soon after she walked through the door, Kamaudeen stabbed her in the chest, Filomeno said.

The pair then threw their sweat suits, the knife and blood-soaked paper towels inside the box with Judy Calder's body. Kamaudeen and Filomeno put the box in a van in front of the business.

Several hours later, James Calder arrived while the van with his wife's body still was parked outside.

James Calder reported his wife missing the next day, August 19. Filomeno said that same morning Kamaudeen picked him up in the van and told Filomeno he had “taken care of it.” The pair drove to Arizona to make a business delivery.

Kamaudeen and his wife live in a new built home in the 10000 block of Rushing Flume Drive in south Reno. It has a manicured lawn and is decorated with rose bushes. Neighbors said Ayube drives a grey Hummer and Kamaudeen a grey Corvette. They are rarely seen outside of their home, neighbors said, and were believed to be well-off financially.

“I've lived here a year and I've never seen them, just their cars,” said Daniel Distel, a 23-year-old UNR student. “They never have any guests, they're never outside. All I ever see is a cleaning crew coming over a few times a week.”

Distel said he saw police cars in front of Kamaudeen's home August 18 and the next day heard his neighbor was suspected in the murder of a staff member at his school. He did not know Judy Calder, but said the situation is scary.

“It's shocking,” he said. “I've never met them, and all I know is he's accused of this horrible thing. It's scary.”

Police release slaying details

7 September 2007The suspect in the stabbing death of Incline Village resident Judy Calder is not yet in custody, and Sparks Police Department authorities will not comment on the possible location of Mohammed Kamalaudeen.

Kamalaudeen, also known as Ricky Barge or Omar Burak, is wanted as a suspect for his alleged role in the stabbing death of Calder, 64.

Sparks Police Commander Steve Asher, the lead detective on the case, said Kamalaudeen's real name, like his whereabouts, is still unknown.

“We won't really know who this guy is until we have him in custody and take his fingerprints. I'm thinking he is really the (Kamalaudeen) one but we can't be sure until he's under arrest,” Asher said.

Kamalaudeen was a business associate of the Calder family in the Reno-based company Imaging Technologies. Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation Asher could not comment on the Calder-Kamalaudeen relationship.

Calder, a former University of Nevada, Reno professor was stabbed to death on Saturday, August 18, in Reno. She had been staying since Friday night at the John Ascuaga's Nugget in Sparks because she was working at UNR. Calder often stayed in Reno during the weekends when she had university work to do. James Calder, her husband of 30 years, was supposed to meet her in Sparks but was detained in Incline because of a malfunctioning hot-water heater in the couple's home.

Allegedly, Kamalaudeen stabbed Calder in the chest twice in the Imaging Technologies warehouse. Asher could not say what time of day the murder took place.

Asher said that after the alleged murder, Kamalaudeen and Carlos Filomeno, an Imaging Technologies employee, are suspected of loading Judy Calder's body into a white economy van.

Filomeno claims to have witnessed the stabbing of Calder, though Asher would not confirm that until Kamalaudeen is questioned in police custody. Filomeno is currently in custody on a probation violation for an unrelated charge, Asher said.

Judy Calder was reported missing at 4 p.m. on Sunday, August 19, by her husband.

Her body wasn't found until Tuesday, August 28, by a pair of hunters in rural Elko County. Asher said the body was located just to the east of U.S. Highway 93 in some brush, about 40 miles north of Wells, Nev. It was badly decomposed and was identified using dental records.

“The body looked really bad,” Asher said.

Asher said police did not know how long the body had been in the brush, but did confirm that the white van is what Kamalaudeen is believed to have used to transport the body from Sparks to Elko County.

The Calders lived in Incline for 30 years and raised one daughter of their own and two daughters from James Calder's previous marriage.

The UNR College of Health and Human Sciences, Judy Calder's former department, set up a memorial Web site for the slain professor. Her work involved securing grants for the university's research into domestic violence. The Web site allows people to post their thoughts and prayers regarding Judy Calder.

One person identified simply as Denise, intimated how much Judy Calder helped her through a loss in her own family.

“She was my support through the death of my mother, and my inspiration through every day. She will be missed greatly.”

11 September 2007:Suspect in Nevada professor killing in custody in Mexico

A 50-year-old man accused of fatally stabbing a University of Nevada, Reno professor was arrested Tuesday in Mexico City, police said.

Sparks Police Cmdr. Steve Asher said efforts are under way to extradite Mohamed Kalam Kamalaudeen, who also goes by Ricky Barge, to Nevada.

Asher said he was unsure how Kamalaudeen, originally from the South American coastal country of Guyana, got to Mexico. No details of the arrest were immediately available.

“I seriously don't know if it was an avenue of escape or what he was doing down there,” Asher told the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Police informed the family of 64-year-old victim Judy Calder of the arrest later Tuesday. Her burial was set for Wednesday at Arlington National Cemetery.

“We couldn't ask for better news, especially at this time,” said her husband, James. “We need to get him back, and we'll get the trial over and we then can go forward.”

James Calder is a former U.S. Marine. Spouses of military officers can be buried at the site.

Mexican police arrested Kamalaudeen on a provisional warrant based on the original arrest warrant Sparks police issued last week for the murder of Calder, an associate professor in UNR's Department of Human Development and Family Studies.

Asher said the U.S. Justice Department is working with Mexican authorities to bring Kamalaudeen back to Sparks to face charges in what could be a lengthy process.

Calder was reported missing by her husband on August 18. Her body was found eight days later near Elko.

Police have said Calder and the suspect were business associates. Kamalaudeen and his wife knew Calder through their Reno business, Imaging Technologies. Calder was stabbed to death August 18 at the business, according to investigators.

Court documents suggest money may have been the motive in the killing.

A search warrant affidavit shows investigators were looking for documents concerning a $150,000 loan agreement between Kamalaudeen and Calder, the Reno Gazette-Journal reported Tuesday.

Kamalaudeen told police he had checked Calder into his reserved room at the Sparks Nugget on August 17 and gave her $1,000 worth of gambling chips. He told police he never saw her after that and left town to make a delivery to Arizona.

But Carlos Filomeno, who was doing work for Kamalaudeen, told police that Kamalaudeen made him buy a knife at Wal-Mart and that he witnessed Kamalaudeen stab Calder.

According to the affidavit, Filomeno said Kamalaudeen wanted to kill Calder because he owed her money.

Filomeno, 38, was not charged in the case, but is being held on a probation violation in the Washoe County Jail, Asher said.

“Our investigation continues and it's too early to say whether any more arrests will be made,” Asher said. “We're still following up on all the financial things and video and other tidbits and people.”

Calder had lived with her husband in Incline Village for more than 30 years and they raised their three daughters there.

According to a university Web site, Calder specialized in family and domestic violence, as well as research methods. She taught “Introduction to Research” and “Issues in Family Health” classes.

21 September 2007The University of Nevada, Reno will hold a memorial for slain professor Judy Calder on October 9.

A memorial for Judy Calder, the University of Nevada, Reno professor killed last month, has been scheduled for October 9 on campus.

A celebration of her life will be at 6:30 p.m. in the Sandra Neese room of the Sarah Fleischmann Building.

“These last few weeks have been hard for many of us in the college and across the university as we have found out about the horrific death of our colleague Judy Calder,” said Charlie Bullock, dean of the College of Health and Human Sciences.

Calder was an associate professor in the college and was a faculty member for 16 years.

Her widower, James Calder, and their daughter, Kim, plan to attend the memorial with other family members.

Friends and colleagues of Judy Calder are invited to share their memories of the professor.

Mohamed Kalam Kamalaudeen, also known as Rickey Barge, was arrested September 4 in Mexico and is charged in Washoe County with fatally stabbing the 64-year-old professor August 18 because he allegedly owed her $150,000.

Her body was found by hunters in Elko County almost two weeks after she was reported missing.

Calder was buried in Arlington National Cemetery. James Calder is a former U.S. Marine, and spouses of military members can be buried at Arlington.

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