Joel William Bunkley – Vice Admiral, United States Navy

Joel William Bunkley (1887-1967)

Born on July 3, 1887 in Macon, Georgia.

Graduated from Annapolis in 1909 and commissioned in 1911. Served with the Naval Railway Battalion in France in World War I. Aide to the Commander of the Destroyer Force, Atlantic Fleet 1919-1920. Aide to the Commander in Chief Asiatic Fleet 1923-1924. Commanding Officer of the Pruitt, Childs and Banner 1924-1926, then the Wood and Greer 1928-1930. Member of U.S. Naval Mission to Argentina 1934-1937. Commander of Destroyer Squadron Ten 1938-1939.

Commanding Officer of the California 1940-1942, sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Retired as Rear Admiral in July 1942 and immediately recalled to active duty as supervisor of New York Harbor until retirement again in January 1946. Decorations included the Navy Cross and Legion of Merit.

Died on December 10, 1967.

Section 7 Lot 10053

Bunkley, Joel William
Commander, U.S. Navy
Naval Railway Battery (France)
Date Of Action: World War I


The Navy Cross is awarded to Commander Joel W. Bunkley, U.S. Navy, for distinguished service in the line of his profession and for valor under fire in connection with the erection and administration of the 14-inch naval railway battery in France, both in the preliminary stages of preparation at the rear and later in the actual operations of the guns at the front in action with the enemy.


  • RA USN
  • DATE OF BIRTH: 07/03/1887
  • DATE OF DEATH: 12/10/1967
  • BURIED AT: SECTION 7  SITE 10053-3

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