John Wadsworth Consolvo, Jr. – Captain, United States Marine Corps


John Wadsworth Consolvo, Jr. was born on January 8, 1944 and joined the Armed Forces while in Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

He served as a Naval Aviator in the United States Marine Corps, VMFA 212, MAG 15 1 MAW, and attained the rank of Captain. He began a tour of duty on May 7, 1972.

John Wadsworth Consolvo, Jr.  is listed as Missing in Action.

If I may I would like to suggest a “Story of the Week”.  If concerns Captain John. W. Consolvo, Jr, United States Marine Corps.  Captain Consolvo was a member of VMFA-212 stationed in Vietnam.  On 07 May ’72, Capt. Consolvo’s F4J was shot down.  His RIO was ordered to bail out when the aircraft was hit and became uncontrollable.  Two other aircraft saw the RIO, but not Captain Consolvo bail out.  Captain Consolvo is MIA list as presumed dead.  He flew over 150 missions and was into his second tour.

Today there is a Memorial Headstone in Arlington.  Over the last two months I have had the honor and privilege of getting to know Jack’s mother.  I have adopted Jack sometime ago and maintain a webpage in his honor.  In the attached bio you will the Jack Consolvo is not only a hero by the fact he went to Vietnam, is MIA, but also he has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star and Purple Heart, among others.

I know he is not buried in Arlington, but his family is hopefully that some day he will come and be buried next to his father, uncle and grand parents.

Thank you for your consideration.
Steve Scherr


On 7 May 1972, Captain Consolvo departed DaNang, Vietnam, piloting an F4-J on a bombing mission to strike SAM missiles on transporters. As he pulled off target his aircraft was hit and the left engine was on fire. He maneuvered his aircraft toward an area that provided a greater chance of escape and evasion.  His FAG observed that while the aircraft was uncontrollable the  mechanics of ejection could still be performed. Captain Consolvo ordered his RIO to get out.  The FAG and Wingman did not see the RIO eject but did see his chute on impact.  The RIO was picked up twenty four hours later.

The combination of interrupted observation of Captain Consolvo’s aircraft and the distance the aircraft traveled after the RIO ejected makes the unobserved ejection of Captain Consolvo highly probable. Due to ejecting over hostile territory, Captain Consolvo would be limited in his ability to contact friendly forces if his survival radio was lost or inoperative.

Captain Consolvo graduated from Auburn High School, Auburn, Alabama, in 1961.  he graduated from Sullivan’s Prep School in Washington, DC in 1962, ranking number one in 1-in his class. He entered the U.S. Naval Academy in 1962., graduated in 1966 and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps.  Basic training, Quantico Virginia.

He reported to Pensacola Florida for flight training, Designated Naval Aviator, July, 1968. Further training, Meridian, Mississippi and Beeville., Texas, First duty stations El Toro, Marine Corps Air Stations California.  Served six Months in Marine Fighter/Attack Squadron 542 :in DaNang, Vietnam from July 1969 to Jan. 1970., flying over 150 combat missions.

From January 1970 to July 1970, served as Air Liaison Officer with Division of Air Offices Hdqrs. First Marine Division, Vietnam. He joined Marine Fighter/Attack Squadron 212, Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station, Honolulu, August 1970.  The squadron was deployed to DaNang Vietnam in April 1972.


Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star with Combat ”V”, Air Medal (First thru nineteen Strike/Flight Awards, Air Medal (Bronze Star for first award)., Air Medal (Gold Star in lieu of second award) a Navy Commendation Medal. Purple Heart,, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service medal and Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal.


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