John William Honaker – First Lieutenant, United States Air Force

John William Honaker
Arlington, Virginia
Born June 29, 1922
First Lieutenant, U.S. Air Force
Non-hostile Air Crash
Died March 14, 1952 in Korea
First Lieutenant Honaker was a member of the US Air Force in Korea. He was killed when his aircraft crashed on March 14, 1952.


Honaker, John William
Born June 29, 1922
Died March 14, 1952
United States Air Force,
First Lieutenant
Section 3, Grave 4224-B-2,
Buried August 14, 1952

Honaker, Barbara F,
Born April 8, 1926
Died September 10, 1999
Residence: Nashua, New Hamopshire
Section 3, Grave 4224-B-1
Biried Septemebr 20, 1999

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