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Lawrence Higgins
Colonel, United States Army
Massachusetts State Flag
His private memorial in Section 2 of Arlington National Cemetery reads:

"Born: Boston, Massachusetts, 1896.
Died: Nelson, New Zealand, November 8, 1974. 
World War I: St. Mihiel and Meuse Argonne Offensives, GHO, France.
World War II: Naples, Fogia, Arno and Southern France. HQ, Mediterranean Theater.
Office Of The Order of the British Empire, Order of the University of France, Commander of the Nichan Jetirharef of Tunis of the Aztec Eagle of Mexico and of Aedon Calderon of Ecuador."

His wife, Elizabeth Jenkins Higgins, her private memorial in Section 2 reads:

"Died: Washington, D.C. May 14, 1954.
She was good as she was fair; none on earth above her!
As pure in thought as Angels are. 
To know her was to love her."

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Lawrence Higgins Gravesite PHOTO October 2007
Photo By: M. R. Patterson, October 2007

Lawrece Higgins Gravesite PHOTO
Photo By M. R. Patterson, 22 April 2004