Laurence Verner Frazier – Colonel, United States Army

Laurence V. Frazier was born in Wisconsin.  on 29 March 1880.  He was appointed from Wisconsin to the United States Miltiary Academy on 20 June 1898 and graduated on 12 June 1902.Second Lieutenant, Corps of Engineers, and served at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, from 1 Setpember 1902 to 20 September 1903.

First Lieutenant, Corps of Engineers, 23 April 1904.  In the Philippines at Fort William McKinley, Zamboanga, Parang and Camp Overton to 15 July 1905.

At the Military Academy as aninstructon in the Department of Engineering, 22 August 1905 to to 13 August 1909.

Captain, Corps of Engineers, 13 June 1910.  December 1911 in the Philippines at Corregidor and Manila, to 15 November 1915.  Major, Corps of Engineers, 2 May 1915. 27 April 19 1917 at the Reserve Officers Training Camp, Fort Niagara, New York, to 7 July 1917.  En route to France to 25 July 1917.  Assistant to the Chief Engineer and Chief Engineer, Lines of Communications, American Expeditionary Forces, to 13 October 1917.  Commanding 1st Regiment of Engineers, 1st Division, AEF, to Lieutenant Colonel, Temporary, Corps of Engineers, National Army, 20 December 1917.

3 September 1918 en route to the United States.  12 Setember to 19 September 1918.  At Manila, Department Engineer in charge of the defensive works in the Philippines, 13 December 1918 to 1921.  At Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, student officer, General Srevice Schools, August 1921 to June 1923 when he graduated as a Distinguished Graduate, School of the Line, 1922, and graduate, General Staff School, 1923. At Washngton, D.C., student officer, Army War College to 1924 when he graduated.  At Washington, D.C. as a Member of the War Department General Staff, 2 July 1924 to Lieuenant Colonel, Corps of Engineers, 20 November 1924.

At Jacksonville, Florida, as District Engineer in charge of River and Harbor Improvements, 31 July 1928 to 14 June 1932.  On leave to 29 July 1932.  At Fort Belvoir, Virginia, Assistant and Commandant, Engineer School, 31 July 1932 to Colonel, Corps of Engineers, 26 February 1934.

6 June 1936, commanding Post, 28 October to 6 June 1936. at Cleveland, Ohio, Division Engineer, Great Lakes Division, to 26 october 1939.  At Washington, D.C., Board of Engineers for River and Harbors to 31 October 1940.

Colonel, retired list, 31 October 1940 for disability in the line of duty. Died at Washington, D.C. at age 61.


  • DATE OF DEATH: 04/23/1941
  • DATE OF INTERMENT: 04/25/1941

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