7 May 1944

The following ten persons were the crew of B-24D Bomber, Serial Number 42-40525, which was lost on 7 May 1944 over Sawar, Northern Netherlands, New Guinea, during World War II. Originally listed as missing in action, they were presumed dead as of 15 February 1946. When searches failed to turn up any trace of the aircraft and it's occupants. Because there were no remains or graves, our government authorized the American Battle Monuments Commission to inscribe their names on the “Walls of the Missing” at the Manila Cemetery and Memorial, Manila, Republic of the Philippines.

In early 1974, the wreckage of B-24D was discovered in Lae, Papau, New guinea. The remains of the ten airman were recovered and identified through dog tags as well as the identification plate from the aircraft. They were buried in two caskets on 18 October 1974 at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors.

Inclusion on your web site would bring great honor to these men and their families, they made the ultimate sacrifice.



First Lieutenant John E. Terpning, 0 685 310 (Pilot)
Second Lieutenant William R. Parkinson, 0 669 907 (Co-Pilot)
Second Lieutenant George S. Silverman, 0 658 116 (Navigator)
Second Lieutenant Kermit H. Kinne, 0 752 337 (Bombardier)
Technical Sergeant Sidney H. Branch, 13 064 865 (Engineer)
Staff Sergeant James M. McKain, 33 329 925 (Radio Operator)
Staff Sergeant Ray E. Thompson, 19 005 820  (Assistant Engineer)
Sergeant Richard F. Dixon,  20 135 813, (Assistant Radio Operator (MY UNCLE)
Sergeant Michael E. Drucker, 12 126 135 (Gunner)
Staff Sergeant Earl R. Pearson, 33 409 784 (Gunner)


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