Medals of Heroes

Our nation gives out medals
For our wounded and our dead
Made of metal, cloth, and plastic
For the blood that they have shed

So many Hero medals
Rarely given the common men
Who fought the many ugly wars
Just a note on history's pen

Seniors often quick to tell you
Of the medals on their chest
Are worn for deeds of other men
Unknown to all the rest

It seems so strange, so many fell
And the wounded that returned
No awards were ever offered
For the dead, the maimed, the burned

Did so many do so little
That their deeds remain unknown
Is their just reward a Purple Heart
A grave, a white headstone

Didn't anybody see them?
When they joined our nations call
Didn't anybody hear them?
When they gave their soul, their all

Were we all so very busy
To recall the scared  who tried
To let us live another day
Many wounded, many died

Combat medals often junior
To the ones that seniors wear
Are seniors blind to those who fought
Or don't they really care?

Major Frank C. Stolz, USMC Ret. © 2003

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