Pain /Pride Love/Hate: Memorial Day 1996

It's not only cold, but misty too
this year at that hallowed spot
I sit on the cold, wet marble slab
for what seems a lifetime.

Once again I listen to inspiring words
that make me proud he is here
Flags abound everywhere, but are still today
as if even they can feel this chill

The service is over
but the worst is yet to come
the dreaded sound of that horn……
I anticipate…………
I know it is coming…………
but when I hear that Oh so familiar, mournful sound
I hurt so!!…and no one knows.

TAPS… how many nights did he hear these same sounds?
Did he realize how gut wrenchingly sad they would be for me to hear?
I raise my tearful eyes to the stormy sky this day,
here in this place near his home on the hill,
and my tears mix with the rain drops……….
together they run from my face.
GOD! How I love and hate this place. Such pain….such pride……Arlington!!!

Written in loving memory of Sergeant Franklin Dennis Winters by his mother.

May we never forget the sacrifices made by our military forces, whether it be in war or in peace.

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