Memorial photo book captures Arlington

Families of service members killed in combat since September 11, 2001, and buried at Arlington National Cemetery will receive a commemorative copy of a new photo book during a May 18, 2007, ceremony at the cemetery, the Army announced in a press release.

“Where Valor Rests” is a coffee-table book that “depicts in beautiful photographs the great care and concern provided daily, each season of the year by the service members and civilians who work at Arlington National Cemetery,” the release said. “The best military and civilian photographers have truly captured the Arlington story.”

Each book presented to families will have the Arlington medallion embedded in the slipcase cover, and will include a letter from the Arlington National Cemetery superintendent.

Families who lost a loved one serving in a theater of combat will also receive a picture of their loved one’s headstone, the release said.

“I am extremely happy that we have accomplished this. It’s another expression of gratitude to our military families and it adds to the things that make Arlington what it is — a living monument to those who have served and their families,” said John Metzler, Arlington’s superintendent.

An exhibition of pictures from the book will be open to the public May 19-31 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., the release said.

Extended family members and the general public will be able to purchase the National Geographic edition of the book from commercial sources online or from local book retailers, including the Arlington Cemetery bookstore. The book is being released May 15 and some vendors are already taking preorders.

“Where Valor Rests” was produced in conjunction with the Arlington National Cemetery Commemorative Project Inc., Rich Clarkson and Associates of Denver, the National Geographic Society and Arlington National Cemetery.

A portion of the profits from the commercial sales will be donated to Arlington National Cemetery Commemorative Project Inc. for future updates and reprints of the gift edition for family members.

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