Margaret Mary Cappelletti Military Spouse

The wife of Francis Ronald Cappelletti. She was born in 1917 and died in 1990. Her side of this most beautiful stone reads:

We watched her breathing thru the night, her breathing soft and low. As in her breast the wave of life kept heaving to and fro. Our hopes belied our fears, our fears our hopes belied. We thought her dying when she slept, and sleeping when she died.
Thomas Hood, ‘The Death.'And all were weeping and mourning for her, but he said: ‘Do not weep, she's asleep not dead.'
New Testament, Luke VIII, 52

How much her husband and family must have loved her!

American Red Cross.

Undaunted by the clouds of fear, undazzled by a happy day, she made a heaven about her here, and took how much with her away.

Richard M. Milanes, ‘In Memoriam.'

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